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Marcus Smart needs professional help

I don't care what the fan said or didn't say as a player you can't put your hands on a fan!! Smarts actions last night were deplorable and like Adrian Dantley said after the game he needs to be suspended for at least 5 games. Bowlsby needs to send a message that this kind of behavior won't be tolerated.

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Charlie Weis talks after loss to Texas Tech (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I say we take a chance and go get Bobby Petrino

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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

The whole concussion thing is a smoke screen, word is that he didn't mesh well with the other players and that he did get into a fight with Kevin Young where he was knocked out, after that there was no coming back.

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Oklahoma (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

2 lottery picks what are you smoking, Ben (who can't do it by himself) yes, Whithey not a chance! The 5 star recruit you speak of never carried anything (take away TT & T-Rob) and at this point has to be considered a bust never living up to his #24 ranking coming out of high school!

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Oklahoma (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Slick you are exactly right, this is by far and away the least talented squad that Self has had since he has been here which is a result of a couple of bad recruiting years. Yes we have some talent on the bench with a bunch more coming in next year, that will hopefull add a couple more pieces for next year.

People just have to lower there expectations for the remainder of this year otherwise they are only going to be disappointed. My forecast for the rest of the year no Big 12 title, probably a 5 seed in the tourney and we will be upset by the dreaded 12 seeds like has happened so many time in the past.

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2011-2012 Recap and 2012-2013 Expectations: Part 2

Your way off on Andrew White, i actually think that he is better then Ben, not as athletic but better handles and can shoot much better. Defense will be the key as to how much he plays. I predict he plays 12 - 15 minutes a game to start the season and average around 10 points a game, come conference time don't be surprised if he isn't starting!

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Reluctant recruits: As KU, others eye Penn State football departures, players vow loyalty

Honoring their commitment to PSU is not a bad thing, so they can't play in a bowl game, so what! They still get to play on TV, they still will play in front of 108,000 fans 6 or 7 home games and if their goal is to play at the next level they will still get noticed by the NFL just as much as they would at any other school. I have no problem with the players staying and actually have great respect for them for doing so.

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

They would have eventually brought in the pieces and were always trying, Lebron just didn't have the Balls to do the right thing and stick it out. Instead he runs like a coward to Wade and Bosh, this is why he will never be one of the greats!! This along with his Arrogance makes him completely unlikeable. I always hope that he will tear an ACL some day so that it might humble him a bit although I don't know that this is possible.

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

I sure hope that mario gets traded this off season, I hate the Heat and hate the fact that Mario has to play alongside those Arrogant Pompeous A_Holes.!! He could be a star on many other teams in the league. I also hope that Tyshawn does not get drafted by the heat, this would not be a good situation for him at all!!

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Bill Self: Loss gets Jayhawks’ attention

I really want to stick it to this McCallum kid, after watching videos of him and listening to him talk he sounds like a complete jerk!! Here's hoping TT and EJ shut him up.

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