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James Naismith's boyhood home for sale; 4-year-old KU fan sad to see Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson go

that video is priceless! I feel like that every year.... lol.

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The nation's reaction to top recruit Andrew Wiggins choosing Kansas

Can't believe people are so harsh about where he goes to school? I am happy he chose KS but wouldn't begrudge him another school. I thought the one about the NIT and also about choking was funny, considering Kentucky went to the NIT and lost in the first round. When is the last time KU went to the NIT - try.... my head hurts trying to think that far back....

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KU guard Ben McLemore sets press conference for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

or the Oklahoma Thunder...

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Rio Adams might stay

So i am not the only one who is still a bit... peeved... about that. I understand why, but i hated the way it happened. just still leaves a little bitter taste... and the reminder of a crying kid who was devasted.

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Another shocker! 12th-seeded KU women upset South Carolina, 75-69, to return to Sweet 16

Or it could be the fact that the women's big 12 is just tough. 7 out of 10 teams in the big 12 made it to the tournament. with 30 seconds left last night, they were trying to get the ball down the court, and I believe they were fouling.. I think though, at 40 seconds or so, it was cece harper who turned the ball over trying to go down the court... that was frustrating, but after that, it was get the ball to angel to foul, and then it was play keep away with under 25 seconds, because we don't have to beat a 10 second clock like the guys do.
This program seems to have some diversity every year. players leave (as happens with all programs), but ours seem to happen during the season and then we have significant players get hurt. Just imagine the past several years if danielle Mccray had not gotten hurt or if angel had been healthy her first year, and then if Davis and now Knight haven't been hurt.

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KU women earn No. 12 seed in NCAA Tournament

they upset the 3 seed last year, so its entirely possible

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

a troll was removed just now....

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

Not blaming, but do wonder how much the ISU had to do with it... very inconsistent calls, but I have seen that with many bball games. No one has mentioned it except Jay bilas.

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

But you have to see how many uncalled moving screens got them open? And I did see a few on Young that weren't called either... we just didn't score when he did it.

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58 have to wonder since Whitehead did both games.

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