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Late Night offers first look at KU stars

Nice avatar.

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

including johnny football

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Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby: NCAA needs changes

-and/or Louisville

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Double vision: Gonzalez twins ‘next big thing’

Apparently, the same with Safari. I have no idea what you're talking about with the "Google Surveys". I've never seen one.

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Newest King has new digits

Dittos, Jaybate.
Plus, Ben is living proof to anyone who wants to blame their present failures in life on their upbringing, broken homes, or tough circumstances, that you can overcome your own obstacles by staying out of trouble, using your God given talents, and a lot of hard work. This is just the beginning for you Ben. Play hard! You've earned it.

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Opinion: Teams will regret passing on McLemore

"Dare to be great". Good advice, Ben. Best of luck to you. You were a pleasure to watch in a Kansas uniform.

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NCAA tweaks college basketball replay, block-charge rules

The emphasis on calling fouls on defensive players who keep a hand or forearm on an opponent or use an arm bar to impede the progress of an opponent.

This is designed to eliminate hand checking? If so, I don't like this rule. Rules should help players get ready for the NBA and this is nowhere close to how it is applied in the League.

Furthermore, if I am understanding this correctly, this new emphasis will potentially add many more fouls to the game, of the "ticky tack" variety. The last thing we need is more of these.

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Football notebook: Jayhawks land on early preseason lists

Thanks, JHWKDW. Really good articles that I would encourage everybody to read. They shed a little more light on the Longhorn Network situation which, from the beginning, I have found very confusing. The devil in the details has never fully come to light, though you know all of the conference AD's know exactly what Texas is doing. As the CBS article states, Texas is backing itself into a corner with their network, and ESPN is just as much to blame.
No matter what happens, it will be $$$ that make the decisions for everyone.

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KU wins NCAA women's track title

Alpha Gals, One and All!

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KU football cracks Hiawatha DT Peyton Newell's top six

Your grammar and punctuation errors make your post hard to follow. But with that said, the Big 12 is still a stable conference. There will be more conference changes and realignments to come in future years across the country, but the $$$ in television contracts will keep us competitive with the best of them. No need to be a doubting Thomas. Just be prepared for changes to happen.

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