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Bill Self Sr. father of Kansas coach Bill Self, dies at age 82

Sending thoughts of strength and peace to the Self family during this trying time.

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Reports: Emmett Jones leaving KU football; Lance Leipold hiring Syracuse's Terrence Samuel

It’s probably obvious that those coaches knew they were signed up to keep the fort in tact while Leipold set the foundation. It’s also obvious that they knew they were short term coaches with there contracts coming due. I figure HCLL was pretty up front about it from the get go. It’s what he’s about. A couple other observations. The recruiting classes that will tell the tale of how this thing will progress won’t be this years class but the couple that follow. The honeymoon is still going on, but full speed ahead nonetheless. I tire of the Beaty bashing. For the love of god, LET IT GO. And as far as having to be patient, yet again…………I don’t see any of these changes as setting us back or cause for us to have to be any more patient than we’ve already had to be. The man and his staff have proven to be competent, which has been sorely lacking since Mangino, so let’s let them keep building and see where this thing goes. I’ve not been this optimistic since Mangino. LET’S GO!!!!! RCJH GO KU!!

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No pressure: KU volleyball upsets No. 19 Oregon to reach 2nd round of NCAA Tournament

Nicely done lady Jayhawks! Go get those blue jay’s!

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Assistants Drake, Jackson leaving KU football; Leipold promotes Onatolu, Peterson

In Lance I trust and, thus, whatever you have/need to do to keep this program moving forward, I’m in favor of. Rock Chalk!!

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Jayhawks come up short in season finale, 34-28, against West Virginia

This IS the beginning of the foundation. Let it be written……..

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3-star Texas prep Jacobe Chester decommits from KU football

Is anyone else wondering why the Lord turns on Kansas so often. I mean, the majority of these kids pray to the Lord (assume he answers) and then they de-commit? WTF Lord!?

Please don't be offended, just adding some levity........God bless..

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Notebook: Class of 2022 3-star CB Jalon Peoples decommits from KU football

Don’t think optics are bad at all, it is what it is at this stage of our program. Does it hurt? Well, I suppose we’d prefer he stayed with his commitment but only if he was all in. He wasn’t, so move on as will Kansas with those that are all in.

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Lance Leipold's confidence is currently the most consistent thing about a Kansas football program trying to find its rhythm

Pretty sure the bottom was reached and the rise has started…..

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