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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

Brett McCabe, the only thing that surprises me about your posts on this subject, is you haven't blamed Bill Self for it, yet.

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Bowlsby: Big 12 limiting fan access to Big 12 tournament beginning with Thursday games

I don't have a problem with the decision, just the timing. There's no shortage of stupid in this country, so yes some jerk that doesn't want to miss his team and comes to the game with symptoms, will infect those around him. What I find amateurish is waiting until the ticket holders have traveled to the game. Sure, the Big XII is going to refund the tournament ticket, but they have let people fly to KC, get their hotels, rental cars, etc. If you're going to make a move like this, put enough thought into it to make a decision before everyone shows up.

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Jayhawks' outstanding road record should help their psyches during March Madness

As was said, it's March Madness, anything can happen in a one and done tournament. If you look at KUs records and how they finished and look at the NC records, there isn't much correlation. It's not a very large sample size, the past 16 years, so statistically I think you will find the record insignificant. But the fact they can win without the crowd behind them, certainly doesn't hurt their chances. Let's just hope that those last few weeks of the season we can play offense as well as defense.

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KU's Udoka Azubuike 'speechless' after earning Big 12 Player of the Year honor

Out of the five other guys typically in the rotation, Dotson, Agbaji, Moss, Braun, and Garrett, all have had games where they hit multiple threes. But then we have games where none of them hit multiple threes. When they collapse three on Dok, you know Garrett isn't covered, but at least one other guy is open, most likely Moss, Agbaji, or Braun, they won't leave Dotson open, he's too quick to the rim. One of those three could change the way the other team defends Dok, they have all shown they can on occasion, they need to do it in crunch time now.

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KU's Udoka Azubuike 'speechless' after earning Big 12 Player of the Year honor

I'll reserve my vote until after the tournament. If Dok gets triple teamed and still scores twenty plus or better yet thirty plus, like he did against TCU, then he's my player of the year. If he gets triple teamed ad has to kick out, and someone else can score, then that's my player of the year. Surely someone can develop a three point shot or move in closer for an uncontested two. The one thing we know for sure, Dok attracts a crowd.

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Bill Self willing to rest Jayhawks if needed during Big 12 tourney week

I know the guys could use a break, I also know Coach likes to win, what I'm curious about are the ethical questions surrounding not putting your best team on the floor? We all know betting will be involved in who will be the Big XII tournament champion, with money on the game is it ethical not to try to win by resting your better players? By Coach saying he "could" rest some guys, is that signaling that you should be careful where you put your money? I don't bet, winning bets takes luck, a commodity I've always been short on, so I just wonder what your opinions are.

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Big 12 coaches pick Udoka Azubuike as Player of the Year, name Marcus Garrett top defender

Dok arrived in Lawrence four years ago as what everyone referred to as a raw talent that hadn't really played much basketball and at the ripe old age of 16. He was something around 280 lbs and kind of soft when he showed up in Lawrence and after a just a few games had a season ending injury. His sophomore season was disrupted twice due to injuries. His junior year was a virtual repeat of his freshman season, a few games in and a season ending injury. In three years at KU he ended up with a little over a season of playing experience. All that makes where he is today all the more remarkable, and he has steadily improved as the season has progressed.

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Bill Self willing to rest Jayhawks if needed during Big 12 tourney week

5] People keep writing about Silvio leaving, I agree, he'll be playing for KU next season. For starters, this is where He wanted to play, not where his "guardian" had him lined up. Secondly, he really came through in crunch time that freshman year, moreover, Coach likes him, he's never said anything derogatory about Silvio. Thirdly, he'll be a senior, a senior with less than a season of playing time under his belt, but he has practiced with the team for three years already, where's he going to go? I don't see him wanting to leave and I don't see Coach encouraging him to do so. He's not like some of the others that have come and gone, really, other than the KSU malay, where he has taken the brunt of the punishment, the issues surrounding him have not been of his doing.

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Quick recap: No. 1 Kansas tops Texas Tech to win outright Big 12 title

The team as a whole is playing great defense, but good grief, 4 guys collapse on Dok, 3 guys don't have anyone on them, and we can't make a three. It has to be difficult to score when 4 players collapse to guard you, it must also be frustrating when you pass it outside and then have to fight for the rebound because your teammates can't shoot a three. TCU triple teamed DOK without much success, so TT quadruple teams him. Someone needs to start making open threes or March is really going to be ugly.

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If appeal fails, KU could be facing postseason ban, coaching suspensions, other penalties

"The NCAA adopted a bylaw in 2018 . . ." Now wasn't that convenient. I find it odd they want to use evidence from a trial of Adidas reps, where they were convicted of defrauding the Universities with which they had contractual agreements to supply equipment. What it sounds like to me, is the NCAA planes to essentially reverse the decision handled down in a court of law, using the same evidence that got the Adidas guys in trouble in the first place. So a kangaroo court is going to essentially throw out the results of a U S Federal court, in order to make the same evidence look like the university is guilty and the Adidas reps were just innocent school boosters?

The NCAA appears to have become one of those organizations that has become so enthralled in its self, that all logic and decisions of other institutions (U. S. Federal court) are immaterial and irrelevant. Like many organizations in the past, they have become so intoxicated on their own power, they no longer function as originally intended.

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