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How former Jayhawks fared in April 1 NBA games

Having not seen the game, but having watched Thomas Robinson often, my guess is that there was one or two plays where T-Rob repeatedly got his own offensive rebound and missed the put-back.

Doesn't seem like Houston gives T-Rob 9 shots in 14 minutes unless something like that happened.

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Opinion: Guard play crucial for KU

I suppose that's true, in the sense that Bill Self recruits and trains guards to be interchangeable, thereby blurring the distinction between point and shooting roles.

Negativity aside, I think we can all agree it's been a pretty successful formula, with or without a stereotypical point guard.

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Opinion: Field-goal droughts should be history with McLemore on team

"Why do you even read Tom's articles if you're just going to criticize him? Is that what you spend your whole day doing?"

fixed it for you.

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Thomas Robinson wills KU, tops rankings

How many does Anthony Davis have this year? Might be an interesting subplot Monday night.

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Ho, hum: Kansas guards must sit

You're making two assumptions: (1) that Calipari scouts opponents, and (2) that he coaches his teams.

I've seen no evidence to support either assumption.

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

I think you have the right data, but the wrong conclusion; sure Davidson could have made that shot, and we'd be talking (even more) about how Self under-performs in the big dance... but I think that says more about the tournament than Self's coaching.

Take Kentucky: they were one missed field goal from a 1st round loss to humble Princeton... instead, they make it, and they may go on to win a championship. Would the players be any less skilled had they missed that shot? Would Calipari's "coaching" be any less?

The NCAA tournament is a brutal event that breaks everyone eventually. To win a championship or even get to the Final Four, you have to be really good and a little lucky, or pretty good and very lucky. God knows the 2008 team got more than a little lucky in a couple games... I'm happy taking the good with the bad, and I don't think Self needs to change anything.

Rock Chalk.

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Path to Final Four not easy for KU


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Recap: KU punishes nation's No. 1 defense; plus, a KU concern heading into NCAAs

I think that was 18.6% _while he was out there_. I'm sure there were some players who jacked up more shots in limited minutes.

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Morris twins tower atop rankings

Unrelated note: any chance the logo of the Keegan rating can be updated? At the very least, can you change the trend line so it goes upward, rather than downward?

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