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Mountain magic: Overtime interception gives Kansas 55-42 win at West Virginia

Rodney, by saying West Virginia got picked to finish "near the bottom" of the Big 12 (are you calling a forecasted Big 12 in conference play of 5-4 and a 6th place finish) near the bottom? I mean I know 6th place is closer to 10th than 1st. But let's not choose to call it half empty when it is really more than half full. Especially when Oklahoma State, the forecasted 3rd place team in conference was only projected at 5-4 in conference as well. Not many at all gave Kansas a shot to start the season at 2-0... and certainly not a win at West Virginia to kick off conference play after WVA landed JT Daniels in the offseason QB transfer sweepstakes.

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Wild ending pushes Dayton past 4th-ranked Kansas in Orlando

I know it is easy to lay blame and frustration on McCormack, but he has always struggled at the rim. Offensively, he makes the least use of his body for a guy his size. He is what he is. Jalen Wilson is who hurt this team… you know the guy who thought he might be ready for the pros already?. 23 minutes of uselessness (zero FG and 1-4 from FT). Self just left him out there to work through it and he didn’t. Self does this a lot with certain players .. to see how they react. NCAA tournament would be a different story. Frustrating, but in the big scheme of things, this game means little. You shoot 4-19 or 4-20 from 3… you SHOULD lose. Our guards got outplayed, especially Harris. 28 mi s with just 2 pats and 2 assists does my cut it. That huge 2nd half run by Dayton was with Wilson on the floor instead of Remy. I was begging for Wilson to be pulled off the floor and Remy reinserted. Once he was, KU was back in business.

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KU football's standout CB, Karon Prunty announces he's leaving Jayhawks

My concern with KU football and the transfer portal... combined with schools / state legislatures (but not Kansas) allowing college players to benefit $$ from their likenesses being used in video games and marketing... is that KU will be where people come to play as a freshman and make a name for themselves... rather than go to a more established football university where they may sit out / redshirt. Then after a year or 2 at KU, then can catch the eye of the better programs and transfer out. I don't like this revolving door allowance. We'll grow talent and then lose them to better schools.. and will collect the talent from people who were frustrated at the better universities but never got playing time. College athletics were more of a level playing field and a breath of fresh air when compared to the pros.. and now that uniqueness is going way. College sports is moving toward less parity rather than more. So as someone said above, we are the minor leagues for the better football colleges. Or the Pittsburgh Pirates, where we develop talent and then lose them via free agency (transfer portal) to the better, higher profile schools... and states where they allow college players to make money off the school's royalties for marketing and sales.

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In $50M suit, LSU official alleges racist remarks, sexual misconduct by Les Miles, says school retaliated against her

I find it sadly comical that people can just come out and say “I don’t believe it”. LSU has already admitted to not pursuing or investigating ANY of these allegations and interviewing ANY of these students or staff. Even the AD had stated that he thought it was probably best to fire Miles... but the Administration and athletic board did not follow through. Let me guess: You don’t believe the LSU AD either. How about LSU RB Derrius Guice who as a freshman was twice accused of rape ... and LSU did nothing? Oh, and by the way.. he was dropped by the Redskins last year after being arrested for 2 counts of domestic battery and strangulation. Let me guess... you don’t believe that happened either.

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Jayhawks rolled by Trojans in 85-51 defeat during Round 2 of NCAA Tournament

Keep up with Roy... 14-19 and 18-11 over his last two years at UNC... I'd say he's keeping up with Roy.

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KU senior Marcus Garrett's emotional ending about more than a basketball loss

Bryce, Garrett is the only player you feel bad for? That's rather ignorant. You don't think McCormack, Agbaji, Braun, Lightfoot, Harris, Wilson, Thompson... WANTED to win? We were inconsistent shooters ALL SEASON. This team wanted it.. they just didn't deliver. They gave effort... and USC shot over 60% from 3 point land. The more physical, taller, better shooting team won the game. Without David McCormack's 2nd half and without the entire game out of Harris in Round 1... we don't advance to Round 2. Harris really came on the last several games for Kansas. End of story...

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KU senior Marcus Garrett's emotional ending about more than a basketball loss

Brian Wilson: There is no way on God's green Earth that McCormack will leave early to be a 1st round pick in the NBA draft. He has shown big improvement, but he doesn't play as big and as strong as his body would indicate. He's not an explosive athlete. He shoots under 50% around the rim inside the paint in COLLEGE. He's not enough of an athlete to make it in the NBA. How many times did you ever see McCormack go up in traffic and dunk the ball? Only on the occasional alley-oop. He can make the short hook with either hand and has improved his 10-15 foot jumper, but an NBA prospect at this point? Highly doubt it...

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KU names Emmett Jones the Jayhawks' interim football coach

Agreed. We have a 4 star WR recruit who came here specifically because of his relationship with Jones. This will keep our offensive recruits in order. And it is an interim position... so relax, everyone. Better someone familiar with the program and players than a guy brand new to KU. Jones will use DeBord and leverage his experience.

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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

Cloud hanging over KU basketball is UNWARRANTED?!? Really? Basis what, exactly. You have Coach Townsend in response to Adidas stating that a recruit wanting cash in his pocket, employment for his father... and housing accomdations... stating "If that is what it takes to get him here for 9 months, then we are doing to have to find some way to do that". This on top of Self asking Adidas "We good?" via text message in response to the DeSousa fiasco. KU BBall deserves EVERY BIT of punishment that the NCAA hands down. I don't give a rat's ass what other Universities are doing. I do NOT want KU to win this way. Unwarranted?? How can you possibly say that? There is every indication that KU was willing to break the rules and do what it takes to garner recruits. What evidence is there that contradicts this? Mindboggling ignorance... and the utlimate in viewing facts with rose-colored glasses.

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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

Bville Hawk: I see you have taken ZERO time to do your homework. Les Miles' allegations are anything but unproven. You have 6 female staffers of the LSU athletic department over a 4 year period stating that Miles either kissed, groped or invited them to his hotel room and/or condo. You have a myriad of LSU football admin staffers testifying about his impropriety. You have a law firm HIRED by LSU to investigate Miles who concluded that how he acted was improper, leading the LSU AD to recommend his firing in 2013 due to the sexual allegations and failure to abide by LSU telliing him to STOP texting female students / staffers... using a burner phone to do so... and for not complying with the AD banning of his 1-1 contact with female student staffers. You have Les Miles financially settling with one of his accusers out of court. The only person who claims innocence with respect to Les Miles is LES MILES. Either Les Miles is lying... or 6 females spanning 4 years are lying... along with the LSU AD.. .along with a myriad of LSU athetic department personnel. If that is not enough, you have Les Miles agreeing to be terminated for $1.99M... when contractually he is owed over $8MM.. Explain that, idiot.

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