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Jayhawks expecting better effort, intensity in rematch with TCU on Thursday night at Allen Fieldhouse

I have seen two start times for the next game: 4pm and 7pm. I'm guessing that it is 7pm and the 4pm , that is stated on the Upcoming/Next Game info here, is incorrect.

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Bill Self Sr. father of Kansas coach Bill Self, dies at age 82

The pride that a father has for his children is the high point in his life. To be named Bill Self Jr. must be a matter of pride for our coach as well. The sadness can't be replaced. But the reflections are sure to bring smiles to the family members as they deal with this loss.

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Return of Rock Chalk Roundball Classic game set for Thursday night at Free State High

Blue Team has a slight edge, especially with Todd Reesing! Hard to overlook Graham right now!

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Kansas basketball officially announces addition of 2 new walk-ons

Charlie McCarthy! Good name for a hardwood icon!

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At a glance: Big Sky champion Eastern Washington awaits KU in Indy

Tanner Groves looks like a thirty year old dude! It'll take McCormack and Mitch to get fouls on him and to hopefully block his shots (depending on Dave's availability, of course).

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

I just read some of your previous posts here. My question is: why do you post anything here since it appears that your general opinion of the athletic programs at KU is less than complimentary? If you are so negative about KU, have you considered not following the programs and allowing comments and opinions to be made by peope with a more objective and diverse scrutiny of KU Athletics?

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

There goes my reason/plans to go to Vegas for the semis/final! Well, that and the probable increased exposure to infected people from who knows where touching everything that I touch and breathing everywhere I breathe. Not to mention the flights, which could be cancelled at the last minute even if I wanted to be in a tube of human germs for several hours!
The potential for tournaments at a later date seems so unlikely due to logistics that it seems like Kansas just got sneezed on without a way to prove it's domination and superiority. We won the regular season title, we were ranked number 1 in every final season poll. We had such great positions in many metrics. Potentially had two POY candidates, that should receive the honors regardless. And we were going to be the number 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. This year should not just be a footnote in the history of NCAA basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks!

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

As usual, the media is putting KU in the forefront of this situation without even a mention of the K-State players being the aggressors. The reason, I'm convinced, is that KU has run a clean program and has had so few incidents that are controversial over the last decade or so when so much has happened at numerous other schools that the (the media) is looking for some fresh meat to chew on. It's good journalism in their minds, however damaging to the reputation and credibility of the KU program. K-State is not "meaty" enough for the news media to be interested in and therefore, they aren't "headline-worthy". Look at the Jayhawks in the NBA who are doing very well with their careers. Most NBA fans don't even realize how many there are and their contributions as former Jayhawk players. We're always going to be the red-headed stepchild of the NCAA. Now, a single photo of a bench player holding a stool over his head is going to worsen our status as one of the elite programs, even if we go through the tournament and fortunate enough to cut down the nets in Atlanta. While K-State continues to be a known program that bullies other teams and whose fans are some of the most obnoxious in the Big 12 and the NCAA.

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas rolls to easy win over Kansas State, but Sunflower Showdown ends in brawl

Yeah, I hear you. But, if the refs allowed that, which is "taunting" and worthy of a technical, it would send a message that this sort of unsportsmanlike action is conditional and circumstantial. The chair, as I said, is just stupidity and didn't happen during the game. That will be handled separately with Silvio paying for it dearly.

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