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Chicago guard Charles Matthews keeps KU hoops on his list

5. I didn't know that and it doesn't seem to work

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Chicago guard Charles Matthews keeps KU hoops on his list

Gary - love these recruiting updates! Thanks.

Jaquan Lyle not being recruited? That is in sharp contrast to other sources that have Coach visiting him last week and offering him a scholarship. Is he coming to Late Night just because Coach wants Cliff to have someone to hang with? I don't doubt your source but some additional explanation to this apparent contradiction would be appreciated.

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Blog from New York: KU fans wait hours in line to get Ben McLemore's autograph at Times Square

Ben is taking a beating for choosing Blackstock. I understand the negativity if you look at it based on what is portrayed in the media. Throw in potential penalties to KU and its easy for a KU fan to go crazy with this news.

So, I keep asking, "why did Ben go this way"? Could be a ton of reasons but there's part of me wondering if Blackstock (or one of his team) isn't threatening Ben to either sign with me or they will tell more of the story - meaning additional allegations that have yet to come out. Blackstock could make up any story to coerce Ben into signing.

Did Ben ink a deal with the devil to protect KU?

Conspiracy theorists can have fun with this one.

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Frank Mason gets taste of hoops hoopla

"Giddiness is a disease. But it's treatable. Ask the Merv Lindsay, Anrio Adams, and Milton Doyle survivors. They beat the disease and now are productive posters once more."

We don't always agree but that is one funny quote - well done!

June 10, 2013 at 6:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )'s Eric Bossi discusses Andrew Wiggins and his potential impact if he commits to KU

So, Jesse, who is your guess on where he's going?

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Former KU players catch on in NBA’s D-League

LOL - yep if we'd played EJ more back then he would of "developed" that unbelievable athleticism! Instead Coach let him rot on the bench in favor of sleeves. Hell we might have beat Michigan if coach wasn't so stubborn back then.

NOTE - Full Sarcasm intended.

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KU guard Ben McLemore sets press conference for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

I'm going to do this for the last time and admit to missing him:


Good luck and thanks, Ben!

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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

If you will look closely, you'll find that many of the people posting the mean or negative comments at halftime are not regular posters. Does this mean they are not fans? Won't say that. But, there is no shortage of trolls on the site when we are struggling. There are some regulars who frequently jump off the bridge but you can tell the difference if you follow long enough.

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Here's why Iowa State's offense is tough on Jeff Withey

If there was ever a game to consider zone . . . well that probably isn't going to happen but I can't help but wonder.

And before anyone brings it up . . . a triangle and 2 would be a horrible idea against an army of 3 ball shooters

Let's hope they are only average from deep and our O is clicking.

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Opinion: Don’t count out KU's new-look offensive line yet

Tom said "phat". I laughed in my coffee. Nice.

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