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Notebook: Jayhawks not dwelling on early exits

My response is to Bryce not the Ahold above me

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Huskies: Hey, we bleed blue, too

The past is over...this is a new year, new teams, and new players...what happened before has no bearing on tonight!! We have to keep going forward so H CBS has no time to think about the pokes job... LOL, no not Roy part 2

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Jayhawks, Sooners ready for rematch

Last year I thought 4 road losses would win the conference... Yet we lost 5 on the road and still won. Someone said it ain't over till its over...lots of games to go...

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Diallo’s debut makes impression on Selden

Seldon is going to be an awesome senior leader for the team next year !!

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

I kept yelling at the TV in 2nd half....PU

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McDonald’s standouts inspire rumors

You could not be more wrong! A Niang type guy is a student athlete who returns to school...not a greedy selfish type who will be gone after one year an ruins the future veteran leadership in the process..... I hope we get NONE of these players and instead get the Niang type or WSU type who commit to a degree and a program, building towards senior leadership....that's a winning program!!!!

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

I think you hit it right on regarding Alexander lacking HS he was a beast among boys, then he comes to division one, where guess what Cliff, you have to go against beasts who have more experience. Cliff had a lot to learn from people like Ridley, Rico Gathers, Niang and the list goes on. To think Cliff can dominate them as a freshman is ridiculous... Only after a season or two getting more mature and experience can he dominate against other "beast" type players.

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Self reflects on season’s highs, lows

WSU is a perfect example!!

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Self reflects on season’s highs, lows

Too much is placed on the top ranked recruits...the rankings give players big heads with thoughts of the NBA. This has hurt our program, we need to get quality recruits who want a college degree and will grow into senior leaders. Only then can we fix what ails our team!!

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Tough slate awaits Kansas basketball again next year

I think Marshall is waiting for one of the top elite programs...which makes me think he will have the North Carolina job after Roy is forced into retirement from the "fake classes" investigation the NCAA is conducting.

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