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Jayhawks ride with Carter Stanley and offense takes off

OMG! What a game! I had to listen to it on the TuneIn app. Is there anyway to watch this game on a replay? I would love to see this game. So proud and happy for The Jayhawks. This was a great win for them and the program. Congratulations to all! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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'It is our playground here': KU tennis completes undefeated season at home by notching Sweet 16 berth

Congratulations ladies!!! Way to represent! Good luck at Stanford! Rock Chalk!

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The latest with KU's ongoing recruiting efforts of some top-tier talent

Just curious...who pays for these recruiting trips? The schools, the families, or then of course you have these shoe companies..

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4-star prep G Cassius Stanley chooses Duke

I guess Nike pays more than Addidas to players....

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Kansas coach Bill Self far from panicked about current recruiting challenges: 'Oh, we're going to get some guys'

I'm okay with us getting 3 or 4 star guys! We are a much better team when we have those guys for 3 or 4 years! I hope they abolish the one and done rule. Year after year, Kansas reloads. Next year may be a little reloading along with some rebuilding and I'm okay with that! If not next year, the following year we will be Championship material!

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NCAA ‘aggressively’ pursuing evidence in college basketball corruption trial, NCAA president says

Then Duke needs to go down too. Zion Williamson should not be able to get away with his demands.

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'Painful' early-morning conditioning work introduced Jayhawks to Les Miles' standards

I love it!!! Maybe they should employ a Bill Self kind of boot camp!!!

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Quick recap: Kansas dismantles Northeastern, advances to Round of 32

Still cant hit the broad side of a barn from the outside. Auburn is going to shut down the paint. If we don't score from the outside on that game, we lose. On the bright side, we won!! RCJH!!!

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KU chancellor has not considered suspending coach as NCAA investigates; Regents chairman also weighs in

Stephen hit the nail on the head! The FBI needs to be looking into the Williamson family. Did they get a new home or higher paying jobs this year and check the bank account!!! These are all the things the family was asking for! Surely we all aren't smarter than the FBI. Coach K must feel pretty confident that they wont find the dirt on that family.

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Let it fly: Jayhawks hoping for hot shooting at Big 12 tournament

The players always say they need to do this and they need to do that and then come game time, they dont do any of it! Time to put up or shut up! Just do it!!!!! RCJH!

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