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Ottawa’s Semi Ojeleye to visit Duke on May 31

I'm living in Greensboro right now, maybe I'll put on a Jayhawk shirt and drive out to Durham............maybe he'll think it's a sign that he should be at KU!

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UT’s J'Covan Brown laments misses

J'covan is actually a really great guy. Last year, I was jokingly heckling him a little before the Ku/Texas game, and he took the time to come over to me during their warmup and said "Hey man, I looooove this place, you guys are always great in here." Anyone that gives the fiedhouse that respect has my respect.

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‘Good’ Missouri Tigers have KU basketball team’s attention

no worries .....ROCK CHALK!!!!

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‘Good’ Missouri Tigers have KU basketball team’s attention

I didn't view it as anti-semitic, though on message boards things can definitely be taken out of context. I love reading these message boards to see everyone's opinions. I always find it kind of entertaining how brutally honest some of the people who post can be. I guess this time I got to be the source for some of the negativity....and thanks to everyone who commented positive things.
1. Phi4life, sometimes groups have to sign up two groups because only 15 are let in at a time. What you may have seen was me being in my second group towards the back, while others from my group were in the front saving seats for the second half of our group.
2. For those who comment saying graduate already and all that; many of the students at KU take 5 years to graduate, if they even make it that far. It has not taken me this long to graduate because of class neglect, not trying....and certainly is not b/c I spend my time camping. Hell, when do you think I get most of my work done!!! I shouldn't even need to share this on a message board, but if people are going to post things like graduate already, or stop wasting your parents money....I figure I have the right to defend myself. Bottom line, this year my work in school will pay off, as I will actually graduate this year, and walking down that hill will be the greatest feeling ever.
3. So anyway, can we please stop the conversation about me...and focus on misery. We all have the same common goal anyway, beat Misery! I mean, at least I can spell Kansas. Since when is Missouri spelled with z's. I can see how some can think it's tasteless to hang the tiger, so sorry for acting out of taste....I just really can't stand anything about that school.


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‘Good’ Missouri Tigers have KU basketball team’s attention

I am that kid in the photo, and I NEVER have cut the line. While all my friends went on trips over break, I woke up for every 6am lottery, and camped over the entire break. Over break there are really only two groups who showed up; one being the group that was just me. I went to ku for two years and took a year off, getting no credit, to study abroad in Israel. Now, I am a fifth year senior. I understand I get a lot of airtime, but there really is no reason to assume that I didnt work hard to get the seats I did. You should be happy to know that I am group #30 for todays game, and just like every other game will be going in as my group number worked for. I went to a little Jewish day school and have looooved having a real basketball team to cheer for. By the end of the season I'll have gone to at least 5 away games as well, so please don't come on a comment board like this and bash me before figuring the truth out. Meanwhile, if people are bothered by the fact that I am a die hard fan, and at times, can be a bit obnoxiously passionate about it, I apoloogize. Either way, we have much bigger things to worry about than whether you think I cut in student lines or not. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, beat mizz-ew!!! See you all tonight in the fieldhouse!!! PS: I didn't cut in line at gameday either, I froze my butt off in the cold from midnight til 7am when they let the doors open. ROCK CHALK

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