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Self says Billy Preston's status unchanged

With the millions NCAA makes off basketball and football, one would think they could resolve these problems faster weren’t there some questions about billy’s work ethic before he arrived ?

November 17, 2017 at 12:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Another off-the-court incident sidelines KU's Billy Preston vs. Kentucky

In view of investigations re payoffs, I think Jeff Foster’s questions are key here.

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Tom Keegan: KU's bench delivers big punch during win against Duke

Vick and Dok did contribute, but I think Svi made the biggest contribution off the bench, and he wasn't even mentioned in this article.

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Turgeon: KU bittersweet (16) foe

Itt'll be close. KU has let every team get close in the second half if they weren't already The last game was scary because they looked disorganized when Conn made their run. Fortunately, graham, Selden, and Ellis rather than Mason prevailed. Mason gets scary when he tries toakeover on an off night.

If these guys go against their history and play the entire game without inviting their opponents to catch up, they oils win it all. But we need both point guards to be on their game. And the bench. We have great parts: bigs, wings, points, bench. But from now on we need all he parts all the time.

College ball is so much fun because it is unpredictable.

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Wayne Selden Jr. wows as Kansas moves on in NCAAs

Mari was far better than frank in this game

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Tom Keegan: Carlton Bragg following Perry Ellis' development path

Wish the NCAA would learn from their mistakes and speed their processing up. They don't have to go back to kindergarten.

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Proposed rule would benefit potential pro players

This change will help some , there are others it won't. Think of players like Ben maclemore, who even NbA. Scouts admitted would really benefit from another year in school but was a high draft choice. He couldn't afford to stay and has struggled in the pros

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Bounced: Shockers do as they please, send Jayhawks home

Would love to see Oubre stay, he doesn't have the consistency he needs for NBA.

Miss Danny working with the bigs. Need good big.

One one n done might be ok, but more in self,s system is no good

Our young point guards tend to look at only one side of the floor. Self teams thrive when they use the whole field. Yesterday, nope. They may have varied which way they start, but never shift to enclude the other side, particularly if Greene is on that side. Might as well have 4 on the floor.

March 23, 2015 at 1:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Hot to Trot: Jayhawks have fun, get hot in run-away victory over New Mexico State

There is no payoff for playing WSU: no recruiting benefit, no winning benefit, no RPI benefit. Lose to San Diego State, at least there is recruiting exposure. Lose to WSU is lose, lose, lose. At least this game is n't of our making.

March 21, 2015 at 1:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Column: A few factors favor KU vs. WSU

Write it now because it would go to waste unless both teams win their first game. Plus, if both do win, there will be other things to say and not much time/ to say them in.

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