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Kansas football coach Lance Leipold says focus is on KU not Nebraska

Go ahead Brad speak your mind ......unload if you will . When your done I will finish my burger and fries and move on with my day ....................because its not that serious : )

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Kansas football coach Lance Leipold says focus is on KU not Nebraska

Even though Coach L is driving the victory bus right now around THE BOOTH remember its on loan from Coach Self until basketball season starts. So football team enjoy each victory but make sure you pick up your trash and make sure the tank is full when you park it at Allen Fieldhouse on November 2 ................Thank you for your support

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Kansas basketball draws late tipoff in Champions Classic clash with Duke in November

Defending National Champions .......................has a nice ring to it.

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4-star combo guard Chris Johnson picks Kansas

To compare him to Braun is no great shakes . True Braun got drafted but he didnt fare well during the Summer League so much so he may be on the G-league team at times during the season. Brauns shooting with the Jayhawks wasnt all that great ,but none the less Braun got drafted......Anywho welcome aboard C.J.

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Kansas men's basketball to face Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri next season

Gonzaga should be on the list as well .

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KU's Jalen Wilson heats up at G League Elite Camp scrimmage

Good news/ bad news ...........Good news is Im glad Jalen had a good showing at the combine. Bad news is if he continues to impress he probably wont be back .....I dont believe Jalen ever got the credit he deserved , yes his shooting left much to be desired but he still defended and rebounded ........nothing against Braun but i felt he and Jalen were pretty even on the court, I also would like to see Dave excel in the combine as well lose possibly 4 players to the NBA would great ( Ochai ,Braun,Wilson ,Mccormack ) but not likely

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Seven1 Sports & Entertainment agency announces signing of KU's Jalen Wilson as client

I dont see where Braun is NBA ready .......other than his size he didnt shoot the 3 well his shot release is slow and he cant shoot off the dribble. You not only have to look at Brauns offensive deficiencies but I googled current NBA shooting guards 6' 5" or so there were 100 listed ......Braun also has to learn to defend these guys . If he gets drafted great but he has to be a better outside shooter and defender

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Kansas basketball forward David McCormack declares for 2022 NBA Draft

Although having Dmac would be a luxury it would also be a setback moving forward because you need to develop Zach and Udeh next year and Dmac would eat up minutes that would otherwise go to Zach and Udeh . Dmac went out on top with a Natty and and degree so its time for his next challenge . Thank you Dave and all the best to you moving forward are forever a Jayhawk

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SMU transfer Kendric Davis adds Kansas basketball to list of 7 finalists

Dirk you may have something about Yesufu . Guard wise you got Cuffe Harris and Pettiford
In the mind of Yesufu he wants to play but it doesnt look likely .............but he does have a championship so if he did transfer out he will always have that championship.
As far as Davis and what he did at SMU that doesnt mean much if you dont play Bill Self basketball ............e.g. Remy Martin ........Even though Coach Jankovich recently retired he may have some influence in Davis' decision given Coach Jankovich has Kansas ties with Coach Self . But he would be a nice edition

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Kansas basketball's Remy Martin experience ends on an incredible high

When we lost to Baylor in Waco .........Baylor fans were telling the Jayhawks " YOURE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE

Well guess we got the last laugh ......Hey Baylor " THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY AINT IN TEXAS ANYMORE "

Congratulations Jayhawks


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