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Jayhawks to wear new 'limestone' uniforms for homecoming

At least they're Blue

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Familiar feeling: KU falls at West Virginia for third straight season

Well said. I couldn't agree more. How is it that the more aggressive, in your face team shoots double the amount of free-throws. If we attacked more aggressively we should have spent the whole night at the line. Of course we need to make them which we didn't.

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Kansas hoops to bask in glow of TV

If it was as easy as coaching at a school with a great reputation, Doherty would still coaching at NC Chapel Hill. Roy would still be with KU. Who knows where Coach Self would be but I bet he'd be winning. Overall I'm very glad things worked out they way they did.

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The greatest: Staff picks for KU’s all-time bests

Al Oerter did what he did as a true amateur. After KU he worked as an engineer at Grumann Aircraft Corporation in Bethpage LI. As best as I can tell Carl Lewis never worked a day in his life. Oerter's 4 golds is the most amazing Olympic accomplishment for a career. As an aside, Bob Beamon's record long jump is the single most amazing sport feat.

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KU players talk about Turner Gill


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KU players talk about Turner Gill

how can you run down a football program that lost the last 7 games they played before you showed up??

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KU players talk about Turner Gill

you're an ass

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

"KU players are very talented". What team did you watch this year? Talented, athletic players with no coaching at all wouldn't lose as badly as the Jayhawks did this year. Athletes can stay with a wide reciever on a simple slant route, or block the guy assigned to them.

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Close loss won't change opinions on KU, Turner Gill

How are missed tackles poor coaching? On every play? That tells me they were in the right position, They just flat out Suck. We have no talent. The TV announcers said we are one of the youngest teams in division 1 football with lots of freshman and sophomores. Maybe Gill can't recruit, but I think Mangino left us with poor upper class men. Good players should out trump bad coaching. We have bad players..

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