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Game day: No. 1 Kansas basketball vs. No. 10 Michigan State

Not too far off of my lineup projection from the summer. I did think Grimes would start with Garrett in the backcourt, but Garrett hasn't shown enough improvement as a shooter for him and Grimes to play together just yet. I love that lineup defensively though. If Grimes shows consistency as a shooter I still think we could see it.

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Lightfoot ready for leadership role regardless of his place in KU's rotation

Unfortunately, that starting 4 spot next year has been locked up since the Lawson brothers decided to come here last summer. I got to watch Dedric Lawson play at Memphis and he was the real deal. That was before he developed the outside game he has reportedly added to his arsenal. He has conference POY potential and I don't think Mitch would be able to take his spot by force. I like Mitch too, so I think a redshirt season would be smart to let some of this depth move on and he can slide in to a Landen Lucas role for a couple years with Dotson and Garrett as his Mason and Graham.

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Vick's return gives KU a loaded roster, but Bill Self has recent experience handling such a luxury

The rotation with this team is so hard to predict. With Vick coming back it’s damn near impossible but here goes nothing:

Garrett (Moore, Dotson)
Grimes (Moore, Cunliffe)
Vick (K. Lawson, Cunliffe)
D. Lawson (De Sousa, K. Lawson, McCormack)
Azubuike (McCormack, De Sousa)

Something about Marcus Garrett says 3 year starter under HCBS to me, but with this roster he would have to be the starting PG. Not far fetched since he did play PG in high school. His lack of shooting may suit him well to handle the ball as a facilitator. Also, with Grimes being a real combo guard him and Garrett in the backcourt could work. I think that’s the only one that most people wouldn’t agree with. I think 4 starters are locked at this point.

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Tom Keegan: It just might pay for Kansas coach Bill Self to think bigger than ever

I have been saying that here since the season ended. Garrett will start and play A LOT. He'll be the best on-ball defender on the team and I'd imagine HCBS will play him as much as possible.

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Tom Keegan: It just might pay for Kansas coach Bill Self to think bigger than ever

I agree Michael. I personally am leaning toward Charlie Moore being the starter because of experience. With this lineup Keegan is proposing, it would be even more justifiable to give up some size at PG because of all of the size surrounding him. I like Moore a lot more than many others here and think he's going to surprise some people.

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KU's Mykhailiuk shoots lights out during Day 1 of scrimmages at NBA combine

I agree Phil. I think he'll be a steal and the have the best career of all of our guys coming out this year. 4 years of high-level college experience and only 20 years old. Josh Jackson is 21 already for comparison. He also has professional experience already and has something that he is great at. All the makings of a really good draft prospect in my opinion.

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KU guard Marcus Garrett ready to begin the process of fixing his jump shot

Can't wait to watch the progression next season.

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Albany grad transfer and KU target Joe Cremo commits to Villanova

I'm guessing the last scholarship goes to a transfer that sits this season.Don't recall us having any for next year and Bill has been consistent with those in recent years.

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KU guard Marcus Garrett the big winner now that Romeo Langford is Indiana-bound

I agree that Lightfoot will have a big role if De Sousa is done, but I am not so sure he will be. There is a long summer/fall between now and next season. More information will arise and, while it could further prove guilt, it could help clear Silvio's name. I'm not ruling it all the way out that he plays for KU again.

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KU guard Marcus Garrett the big winner now that Romeo Langford is Indiana-bound

FWIW, I've thought Marcus Garrett would be in the starting lineup next year regardless of what happened with Langford. Through all of his offensive struggles this year, he played significant minutes every game and will only be better next year. I think there will be a legitimate competition between Devon Dotson and Charlie Moore for the 3rd guard spot, but I think Moore wins it to start the season at least. Already a year under his belt at KU and has played a year at Cal as well. Should give him the upper hand early.

D. Lawson,

De Sousa (Considering...),
K. Lawson,
Agbaji (Thought he would RS if we got Langford or Vick came back),

Lightfoot (Considering...)

Of course, there's a long time before the season so this could change dramatically. Especially if Azubuike leaves and/or De Sousa is ruled ineligible

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