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Game day breakdown: No. 7 Kansas basketball at Colorado

Gotta disagree with you on that take. I would argue that KU has had a "good" defense more often than not every year since then. The exceptions being 2018 (streak ending season), 2017 (wasn't elite but that was more due to size issues, still an arguably top 20 defensive team), and 2014 (up and down defensive team, but still arguably top 20). The only year that I would definitively say they were bad was 2018 and it showed in the record and accomplishments. Also, you're forgetting 2020 when KU had arguably one of the best defenses of the last decade. That team is easy to forget because the tournament was cancelled, but they were absolutely elite defensively. 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 all had great to elite level defenses as well. KU has definitely been much more good than bad defensively since 2012.

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Jayhawks officially the No. 2 seed in 2021 Big 12 tournament

For all of the negative talk about this team, for them to finish 2nd in this year's Big 12 is pretty impressive.

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Benton Smith: Despite win at OU, Jayhawks desperately need Devon Dotson back to reach full potential

@Barry Weiss I don’t think we should pull Ochai out of the lineup but just go 4 guards and bring Big Mac off the bench. I love his energy and development as a player but having both him and Udoka out there together is clunky. They clog the lane and are often around the same area on the court. Makes it easy to double team either one of them and clogs up driving lanes. That’s why we start slow offensively every game and Coach has to switch it up less than 5 minutes into the game every game.

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

And my original comment wasn’t meant to take anything away from Baylor. That’s probably the best team I’ve seen so far this year in CBB. Not even just this game I’ve watched a few. Regardless, you don’t expect them to come into AFH and win that way.

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

A lot of similarities to many of the losses under Self.

1. Opposing team has enough length to take away the entry pass to the post and does it successfully

2. Guards look completely lost without that part of the offense and none of them are willing to adjust and try to make things happen.

3. Coach waits to make adjustments until said opponent gains supreme confidence that they can actually beat the mighty Jayhawks

4. Said confidence carries that team to some unreal shots and a multitude of steals and a win

All too often this is how the losses look from my perspective no matter how the personnel are. The exception to this was the Frank and Devonte teams 2 and 3 years ago. The makeup of personnel on those teams forced Self to drastically change the offense to look a little more modern and it only took 2 seasons to get back to a FF. Those 2 seasons were a revelation for me and I thought that would be the same for the coaches. Of course those seniors had no quit and would take over if they had to. We haven’t had that on the perimeter since those guys were here with the exception of Lagerald’s short explosion last season.

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Quick recap: Kansas dismantled by Texas Tech in 91-62 defeat

So much for Vick being gone curing all...ack to the drawing board. What’s really the problem with this team? Even losing players isn’t good enough to explain what I just watched. Came out and played terrible in the biggest game of the season. Can’t ever remember a Self team looking this bad this late in the season.

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Jayhawks say 'it's all coming together' for Kansas basketball

The timing of LV leaving will make it seem like he was the reason for the turn of fortunes, but that stretch of the schedule very well could’ve gone the same with him in the lineup. I think the biggest reason for the recent resurgence is the switch back to a 2 big lineup. Just my opinion though. I hope LV comes back this season, the young guys have grown up with him gone and I think his experience at this point of the season can help.

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Jayhawks showed some vital mental toughness by winning on road

I agree. They do play really well down the stretch because of their experience. I also come away from every close game of theirs I've watched thinking "they get away with A LOT of contact late in games." It's impossible to execute offensively when they are playing as hard as they do and allowed to be as physical as they play. Not taking anything away from them but just a thought I've had.

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Channeling former Colts coach Jim Mora, Kansas coach Bill Self focusing on getting better, not the Big 12 race

Hope we stomp them too and we probably will force 23 turnovers too if we are able to play as physical as KSU was last night without fouls being called. They got away with A LOT of contact numerous times in the second half.

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Postgame Report Card: K-State 74, Kansas 67

We have already won at Baylor. Our only true road win of the season. Wasn't easy and who knew it would mean so much to the Big 12 race at the time.

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