Steve Brown lighthawk

Steve Brown lighthawk


Steve Brown 13 years, 7 months ago

1st time I watched a game in AFH it was MU we beat Missou in about 69. Jo Jo and the hawks were special that day... a small town High School kid and I was hooked. Best game was my frosh or soph year and the 50 point Bud Stallworth game with the '53 Olympic Champion veterans with Lovelette and his bunch back for 25 yr reunion. we finished 8-8 at home that year I recall to avoid a losing season at home. We didn't like the veterans getting our student seats at first but when we learned who they were we knew why those two rows behind the bench were reserved.

Nicest game was Norm's last...gave him the rocker and chanted "sit down Norm one last time" It was nice because we were done with him...

Most exciting were the years we were nationally ranked #1 & #2.

Why is it we want K State to win all their games but us and we want MU to lose them all..even non conference....

so it goes.

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