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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

"despite all of the coach haters" -- miltnewton

Give this "haters" BS a rest. It's lame, unimaginative and most typically used by morons.

Objective dislike or criticism is not hate speech.

And for the record, Charlie spent 5 seasons coaching ND and produced little offensively there.

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KU football's Tony Pierson 'day-to-day' with head injury

You are that guy...and why we've earned our moniker of "snob hill".

Grammar police on a football board...sheesh.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

You said a mouthful there, pard.

I was a little the size of our O-line. But that has proved to be of little value.

It's discouraging to watch these big boys...getting pancaked by defensive linemen...getting blown 5 yards off the line of scrimmage on run plays...watching quicker foes run around feeble attempts to block...and many motion penalties.

Sure 'nuff...we're in trouble if they don't show some rapid improvement.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

I'm all for the players developing a "never give up the fight" attitude. History is full of examples of mortal men claiming great victories in the face of daunting odds by willing themselves to win.

Yet, I also remember the Alamo and Col. Travis' inspirational "victory or death" letter to Sam Houston. You know...the one where he implored Houston to send reinforcements of offensive linemen and an offensive coordinator lest all be lost.

And we all know how that turned out.

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Box score breakdown: Don't blame KU's defense for Texas Tech's 54-point outburst

"Weis has quite a task ahead of him in preparing an offensive gameplan for TCU" -- Newell

That in its self may be one of the biggest challenges faced by our Jayhawks.

It's way past the time for Charlie to look squarely in the mirror and recognize he's no offensive genius when it comes to game planning a "college" football game.

While stating the obvious that our team has plenty of talent issues on the's time that Charlie faced the music. After 16 games he is showing little progress or proficiency in designing offensive schemes.

Charlie and his staff are smart enough guys to recognize that what they are designing hasn't worked. Here's hoping that their egos don't prevent them from making the necessary changes.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

This is said in all seriousness...don't even mistake it for sarcasm.

Charlie always post game interviews...about the extensive and exhaustive evaluation that they conduct after each game. Well, here's a suggestion...carve out a few extra minutes to read the evaluations of the Jayhawk fans right here on this thread.

We're not football coaches...we're fans. But the mistakes and shortcomings are so obvious that even we "fans" get it. It's not that complex.

And for my two cents worth...Charlie is no offensive guru. That's starkly clear after watching 16 games. An offensive guru should make a good offense great...and should make a bad offense at least good. His reputation was built in the NFL on the back of a HOF quarterback and players with great skills ( that's why they're in the NFL). His college results at ND and Florida were fairly dismal.

To quote an old axiom "football is about blocking and tackling"...and our coaches are competent enough to get that done...once we drop the charade of game planning with grand schemes...pretending that we have the talent to line up and play big boy football.

C'mon can get it done...and I'm still with you and the Jayhawks!

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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities

Your emotional, drama queen claptrap is poorly disguised as passion.

Charlie has the program moving in the right direction. He's dramatically increased the academic performance of the football squad...loudly and often supported the student body and the connection to our team...worked hard on the recruiting trail and upgraded our talent level.

Does Charlie walk on water? Nope.
Have Charlie's efforts produced more wins? Nope.
Do I disagree with some of his decisions? Yep...particularly his offensive scheme.

But I'll tell you this for nothing...your call to fire him is witless drivel. If there is a "personality disorder" lurking in this're the one who should look in the mirror.

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KU football coach Charlie Weis previews this week's Homecoming match-up with Texas Tech (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I'm not going to replay the 40 minute press maybe I missed it...but wasn't the most obvious question...that went unasked..."What are you going to change to get the wide receivers open and involved in the offense?"

C'mon boys. That's probably the most topical question involving our season to date...and it's got to be addressed with Charlie.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying's one person's report on Charlie's offense at Notre Dame:

"Weis hit the ground running in his first season at Notre Quinn orchestrated the offense to multiple record-breaking performances...

The 2006 version of Weis' offense seemed to regress. It struggled against more talented defenses, not being able to protect the passer or gain separation against more physical and athletic secondaries. With virtually the same offensive personnel this was puzzling...

Enter the 2007 season when the Fighting Irish offense simply imploded...This display of offensive ineptitude led many to question the "offensive genius" handle so oft attached to Weis' name...Or, perhaps more appropriately, does Weis' offense and playcalling strategies translate from the NFL to the college level?..."

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

From the Orlando Sentinel - 2011:

"How can a Charlie Weis offense be this pitifully pedestrian? How can the Gators have only one first down in the second half and minus-19 yards rushing?...

Weis has four Super Bowl rings, but his offense this season isn’t even good enough to deserve a spot in the Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl...

Still, if the Gators don’t have the talent to run their offense isn’t it up to Weis to adapt to the talent he does have? Weis is supposed to be a genius. And if you’re a genius, isn’t it your job to take inferior talent and make it better than it really is?..."

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