leonard 11 years, 6 months ago

This article is a complete, senseless waste of time. It's thinly sourced and purports to providing a service to the readers by providing information...which is a load of bunk. It's just make-work and silliness by the reporter.

The drivel floated by Pompeani required nothing more than a one line news flash...followed by a yawn...not a long winded harangue.

And please...let's drop the charade about "the former Nebraska quarterback who led a remarkable turnaround at Buffalo before coming to Lawrence."

He had exactly one winning season in 4 tries at Buffalo and the "remarkable turnaround" was followed by a very unremarkable 5-7 season...finishing 5th in the conference with only three conference wins.

Perkins did a lot of good things for our university's athletics...but he hosed us on this one...hiring and overpaying a coach with exactly zero credentials.

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