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Not yet withdrawn from the NBA draft, Texas Tech transfer Kevin McCullar Jr. commits to play for Kansas if he returns to school

Just to clarify my earlier, I like watching the true KU guys develop, that's the fun of it for me. When they bring in the 1 year guys it just seems like 1000 minutes that could have gone to KJ Adams, Clemence, or whomever else. I'd rather see those guys get those minutes and develop under this coaching staff. Just personal preference.

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Kansas lands commitment from Eastern Michigan safety Jarrett Paul

What stadium is that in the backdrop of the picture with him holding the flag?

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NCAA clarifies compensation rules but is crackdown likely?

Rodney, had a guy suggest on the golf course the other day that video should end with Wilt saying "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" in that deep voice...thought that was a cool idea.

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Could creation of lucrative name, image and likeness opportunities inspire more college athletes to stay in school longer?

Didn’t they just win a title with average recruiting ranking around 125? But we have to pay top 50 guys to be able to win…it’s like nobody’s paying attention.

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Despite the presence of a trophy, all that gear & Sunday's parade, many Kansas basketball fans still in disbelief that their team finished on top

Really thought the turning point was the TCU game in the Big XII tournament. They smothered TCU defensively, never let them think they had a chance. If you were at that game you saw in the pregame that a very good TCU team came in with a ton of confidence, and KU really just put them in their place. From that point on they at least knew what it felt like to play that type of D and they were able to kind of call on that the rest of the way when games were tight.

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On to New Orleans: 2nd-half surge leads top-seeded Kansas past Miami and into the Final Four

Whites all the way through next Monday.

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Miami's disruptive defense awaits Kansas in Elite Eight matchup

Miami hasn’t seen a team who plays like Kansas. This is the one hawks find their rhythm and finally loosen up.

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Kansas junior Christian Braun hits 2 big shots vs. TCU but aims to be more aggressive in games to come

Bryce, Bill is in same situation as football has been for 12 years now (though of course not to same level of severity) Season ticket revenue is down so they’re asking him to hype it. Is it compromising? Absolutely it is.

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