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It’s time to accent year’s top Jayhawks

I respect your opinion about the configuration of the KU stadium. I hope you can respect mine. The track is not and never has been a ghetto. The thousands of track athletes that have competed in the stadium for KU make this sport one of our very best histories. It may be true that it needs to be changed now but please do not call it a ghetto.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

The caution I would note for would-be lineup makers is coach Self is all about competition, first getting competent on defense. There is little chance that Withey or EJ get beaten out and perhaps Releford as well but these guys will work against each other all summer to hone their skills. I seem to remember that the NCAA has relaxed the rules and allows coaches some teaching time during the off season so by the time they go to Europe they will be ready to compete for time. Initially the older guys have a huge advantage but as the season progresses I look for more time from the younger players as well. The lineup that starts when league play opens (barring injury) will likely be the starting lineup when we take the court in Atlanta in April.

The wildcard here is the perception of the better players on whether they can come to KU and get time right away, hastening their departure for larger paychecks. After Selby's struggles, will coach want to showcase White and Ellis even more than they earn in competition? My gut says no - Bill Self is going to coach the same way every year as far as his principles. What do you think?

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Look up Rainier Beach HS. The number of NBA players coming from there is high. Not sure this guy was there all this time but he did win the Washington state championship (their eighth per Wikipedia) and that is a huge accomplishment. NBA alumni include Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Terrence Williams, C.J. Giles, and Doug Christie (retired). These things might give the coach a leg to say what he did.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Mention! Defense determines PT for coach. If you cannot defend you generally cannot play. These guys are good athletes and some will defend better early.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Because they are raw, Peters and Ellis and Traylor will all scrap for time with Young. Coach used four bigs in 2008 and I remember him stating that is his preference because they get used so much harder in a physical game. It seems to me that Withey is going to play all the minutes he wants so it is Ellis' 4 spot that will be most rotated.

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Vacation's over: Self refreshed, ready for 10th season at KU

Nice to hear! So 18 is a passing score for being fully qualified?

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Vacation's over: Self refreshed, ready for 10th season at KU

A puzzling thought about Baylor. Scott Drew has recruited several top big men over the past few years. Yet they seem to get worse and not better as they play at Baylor. Of significant concern is the shying away from physical play. I was reading on Draft Express today (see and these statements popped out at me:

"Despite being projected as a likely top five pick, Perry Jones surprised many last April by electing to return to Baylor for his sophomore season, citing the need to "grow as a player and person," and “have fun” before leaving for the NBA.

"Unfortunately, Jones' follow-up season was fairly disappointing. His production dropped or stagnated in several key areas, and many were left to ponder whether he simply isn't a good fit at Baylor, or if he lacks the internal motivation and wherewithal needed to get the most out of his unbelievable natural tools."

Also this:

"With another full year to evaluate Jones, it doesn't appear that those questions are going anywhere. If anything, they've only gotten much louder.

"One thing that no one ever questions is Perry Jones' talent. Just how rare and unique a player he is becomes immediately evident the moment you start watching him. He has a tremendous combination of size, athleticism and skills, making him appear to be capable of doing anything he wants on the basketball court.

"What isn't quite as clear is why Jones struggles so much at times to make his presence felt over his college career, and why we didn't see more improvement from his freshman to sophomore seasons."

Jones regressed last year and struggled with his game. More from Draft Express:

"Unfortunately, his lack of experience and average feel for the game hampers him here somewhat. He often struggles to read the secondary line of defense rotating into the paint, as he's not a great passer on the move and isn't quite advanced enough with his ball-handling ability or off-hand to weave his way around defenders."

Here is the hammer toward Baylor:

"Defensively, Jones again has great potential, but is somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to actual results. His tremendous size, length and phenomenal mobility should theoretically allow him to guard up to three positions in the NBA, but his poor fundamentals, awareness, intensity and toughness certainly put a damper on that, as does his occasional lack of focus.

"His team played a lot of zone the past two seasons, which will likely make the transition to playing man to man defense a little rougher initially considering his lack of experience."

So is Isaiah Austin watching this process? Is he still glad he committed early to Baylor? The amazing work that coach Self and his coaches have done with draft after draft selecting lottery players from Kansas should be noticed and appreciated by recruits. Signing with Baylor has not been good for Perry Jones.

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Vacation's over: Self refreshed, ready for 10th season at KU

Missing Andrew White.

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Vacation's over: Self refreshed, ready for 10th season at KU

What is funny is this is the third sarcasm post that has been misconstrued today!

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