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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

I agree with Jeff. I think most fans don't care. I don't think that is right, but most fans don't care how the players got here, just that they are big and fast and skilled enough to blow out most of the competition and win another Big 12 title. Whoopee!. Some of us are disillusioned, though. And I don't know how KU fans will be able to smugly sneer at Calipari or Sean Miller anymore. The 1988 championship came at a key time in my life, and it was particularly satisfying because it was a great player and some overachievers. (not that Larry Brown wasn't playing fast and loose with the rules). Last year had shades of that feeling because early in the season it did not look like a very good team. Then, we got through to the Final Four. When you start #1 in the country, and when you know the lengths that Adidas went to in order to stock our roster anything less than a Final Four would be a huge disappointment.

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Tom Keegan: Why does Carter Stanley keep drawing the short stick?

This year has been such a waste. 2 years ago I spent a couple of hours researching coaches taking over disasters, and all successful reclamation projects showed at least some improvement in the 2nd year. It shows the players are listening to the coach and that they are getting organized. Nothing like that here. The idea that Beaty needed 4 years or more is outrageous given the state of the program last year. Most of us knew he had to go. Now we have almost no recruits coming next year. Adidas is giving us platinum service even with a crappy football program, so there is no incentive to improve.

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Jayhawks the unanimous pick of Big 12 coaches to win 15th straight conference title

Whether the allegations are true or not I am having trouble getting excited about an umpteenth Big 12 Championship. From a purely basketball standpoint I wish we had a serious rival in conference like UNC-Duke. I think that has helped them in the NCAA tournament.

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Defense attorney argues Bill Self knew about payments to families of KU players

You are a great fan, I must say. In total denial, but a Jayhawk to the end! I don't think Self would go to San Antonio either. He can roll the ball out on the court and win 25 games at KU because of superior, Adidas-certified athletes. I don't know how he would fair in the NBA where there is no such advantage. He does not strike me as a tactical mind like Brad Stevens who is probably the most successful recent college-to-NBA coach. I think he knew what was going on, but he's in the middle of $190M for KU. He's not going anywhere.

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Tom Keegan: Stormy texting puts KU basketball on center stage at trial

I agree in principle and in terms of ethics, but think of how deep the shoe companies are in the process from middle school through college to the pros. AAU tournaments, sports "academies," travel all over the place, "handlers" making money. It is a cash cow, and KU, Self and his staff are among the biggest beneficiaries.

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

I know we're all fans of KU. I've been onboard since the Ted Owens days, and I like Bill Self, but if you can muster a shred of objectivity I think it is pretty clear what the texts are about, and it is not the Angola National Team!! But College B-Ball is so corrupt I think he survives. Sean Miller is bringing in big recruits again, so why not Self. Calipari, what can I say? The interesting one is the self-righteous Coach K. Can Duke keep a lid on this kind of arrangement until he retires?

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

If we are going to continue the charade of amateur athletics I don't know how you can say nothing was wrong about those email interactions. Clearly, Self knew what was going on. If that is how it works, fine, but should he be counting wins against schools that don't have an Adidas or Nike pipeline? What is our record against Duke, UNC, Arizona, etc. Maybe .500. Doesn't look like a Hall-of-Fame career when we play schools with similar recruiting advantages.

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As allegations mount, KU mum about Adidas ties and extra $1.5M it has received from the company

Power schools wink, and the shoe companies do the dirty work of getting players to them. And they both are enriched. Unfortunate, but it is making more sense as I hear more of the trial. It is going to make watching the team a little less fun. Darn..

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