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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

On offense, with the exception of maybe Larry Brown and Roy W (not a good defensive coach), even HOF coaches like Self and K kinda roll the ball out there and let their superior athletes outscore the other team. But a big offensive factor is 3-point shooting. We saw it 8 years ago when VCU hit twelve 3's and we hit two and obviously more recently with Villanova. Last year we made the Final Four because we hit 3's. When BS recruited Svi I thought he was getting the idea, but he still recruits athletes over shooters. Some improve while they are here like Mason and Graham, but some don't. I do wish he would recruit at least one great shooter a year. Last night we turned the ball over most when our guards, not confident to shoot from distance, tried to force the ball inside a collapsing K-state defense. KSU hit 10 threes and we hit 7. That is a 9-point deficit.

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Matt Tait: Big 12 men's basketball race far from a foregone conclusion

I wish we did have a real rival. It would help come March, but I don't see it. Once again this year the Big 12 has the best record against other power conferences, but come March the conference flames out. I don't have time to check, but maybe the Big 12 tends to play the bottom of other conferences in the preseason. Tech just played Duke, but that is not too common if I remember correctly.

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Inability to hit from outside as much to blame as anything for KU's first loss of 2018-19 season

I know a lot of people who comment here like the pound-it-inside, big-man game, but we are starting to see some of the contrasts with last year's "overachieving" final four team. They hit the three at a clip of 10 for 25 per game average, and it was actually better than that at the end of the year. That is how the game is going. Even an overpowering performance like Lawson's against ASU went for naught because of weak outside shooting. I don't think we need to drive it more, except to set up the three, and if we are going to lean solely on an inside game we will likely lose to teams that hit the three. I know ASU did not shoot it that well, and the reffing was incompetent, but if we can't find some shooters we will lose well before the final four in the tournament to a hot-three-shooting team.

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Despite record donation, KU Athletics loses $5M in 2018; salaries increased 13 percent

Wow! A 13% rise in salaries. My guess is that the rest of the university employees did not do quite that well. Maybe professors in big lecture classes should start putting Adidas logos on their powerpoint presentations.

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KU coach Bill Self says nothing new to report on Silvio De Sousa's status

The guardian was likely paid, so how do you prove that he did not know and did not benefit, even if he did not? He won't play for KU or any college program again. Just my opinion. By the way, I agree that other programs like Duke and Kentucky have "arrangements," but that doesn't make it right. Amateurism at this level of college sports is a fantasy.

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Mark Mangino: 'I won't be returning to Kansas'

So many forget that he lost 7 in a row at the end of his tenure. It looked like he had lost the team. The results kinda looked like this year. Some close losses and some blowouts. If he had won 3 of those 7 he would have gotten more years, but he did not. Was he a bully? Were his players soft? I dunno, but I know players will respond to toughness but not bullying. It is a big difference.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

How does ignoring the ineptitude of an awful coach constitute appreciation? The job of a sports writer is not to be a cheerleader for the local team. That's how coverups and corruption happen. Keegan had absolutely no hand in the destructive administration of the KUAD. He just reported the truth.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

...where people go if they have a brain tumor and need their life saved...where people go to see where this country got its start...and all those left-wing Patriots fans...yup!

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

Total agreement, Kirk.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

Tom, as someone who grew up outside Boston and found my way to Lawrence for college I can only say I am excited to have you writing for the Herald. I followed the Patriots and the Red Sox when they were bad-to-mediocre. Boston fans were a cynical bunch back then, but that has changed with all the winning and bandwagon effect. You've been a pro covering KU, and I wish you continued success in Bah'stn.

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