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Pooka Williams reinstated by KU football after domestic violence arrrest, will miss season opener

I would agree that it is convenient that he is back in time for practice for this year, and missing a non-conf game. Hope all the measures have some impact on him.

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

Mason and Graham are recent examples of the value of staying and maturing at KU. Neither is setting the world on fire in the NBA, but they both got contracts. With the exception of Embid KU's OADs have not fared well. Wiggins got paid based on potential, but he hasn't lived up to it yet. And Dotson is nowhere near Wiggins or Embid.

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Josh Jackson arrested at music festival, charged with resisting arrest and escape

He has made some odd decisions. He really wanted to play in Phoenix rather than Boston. Maybe he is ok with losing, as long as he does not have to play defense, and it is 90 degrees outside. Kevin's comment about witness protection is hilarious.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Dedric Lawson's pro prospects

Dedric compares favorably to the Morris twins in college, and they have had decent NBA careers. They don't jump out as super athletic, but probably more athletic than Dedric.

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KU announces partnership extension with Adidas through 2031

Only 15 people expected to be amateurs in the college B-ball $wamp.

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KU point guard Devon Dotson declares for NBA draft, ready to go all-in on 'information-seeking quest'

I was watching the ticker on the bottom of the screen on ESPN. Dotson is rated #72. The only player declaring who is lower is Grimes at 80. I guess they could make some money in Europe or Israel, or wherever. They both had their moments this year, but not many. I get the feeling Dotson comes back. Dunno about Grimes.

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Updating KU's transfer numbers under Bill Self, with 2 more Jayhawks on the move

I am no fan of K. I especially don't love his self-righteous talk about "leadership" when he usually wins simply because he has the best players. But you don't have to drag politics into it. One of the reasons I read comments here is because they are generally not political. Please leave it for another forum.

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Benton Smith: Ochai Agbaji has become key player for KU after just 10 games

If Self goes to the NBA, which I doubt, there are a lot of coaches that would be interested in the KU job. Self is not an alum. Williams was not an alum. Unless the Adidas thing gets much uglier I think he retires as the KU coach. Going from college to the NBA is like going from being a plumber to being an electrician. It is still a house, and you know some of it, but it is a totally different job. That is why Pitino, Calipari, Donovan (meh), etc. have not been great. The NBA is harder. That is why very few coaches last. Another 10 years and another NC, and Self could have a statue. Very few NBA coaches have statues.

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