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Ben McLemore to attend Late Night

Good God...Can we please STOP calling it "Kansas Univeristy"? The official name is...wait for it....."THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS". I mean you're paid journalist for god sake. How you can continually make the same stupid error over and over is beyond me? It's not like you write articles about the school once every 10 years, thus a pass would be granted on the occassional mistake of calling it Kansas University.

No, you write about it daily, you're given press releases with letterheads that read, "The University of Kasas" at each major sporting event the school holds and certainly you've seen a logo on a shirt or hat or a sticker on the back of a car that reads "The University of Kansas." I mean how many times have you (LJ World) ever seen "Kansas University" written anywhere (other than by your staff of course)? Please do all of us a favor and stop calling the school by the wrong name. There's no reason for such an idiotic mistake.

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Perkins’ reign over: New athletic director must be subject to checks and balances should check your timeline again....Lew joined KU in 2003. Keegan didn't start at the LJWorld until 2005. So I would say that Keegan had ample opportunity to understand how the althletic department operates under Lew's reign.

Additionally, I would go as far as to add that given the vast improvements to Allen Fieldhouse, Memorial Stadium, the addition of new practice facilities for both the basketball and football team along with the increased revenue the althetic department incurred during Lew's Tenure are hardly a "dark cloud". While the recent developments of excessive expenses, the ticket scandel, etc are a sore subject, they shouldn't be used to discredit or negate the overall positive reach Lew had for the school.

And hey, At least we don't have Al Bohl anymore!

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In his own words: LOLs with Keith Langford

Some Keith Highlights.....the first dunk against MU is just crushing. HANG THE JERSEY!

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Cole Aldrich taken by New Orleans Hornets with the 11th pick

I like this location for cole. And i'd say, he did an excellent job during his interview after being picked. He represented himself very well, spoke with intelligence and truly came across classly. Congrats Cole. Well deserved!

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Turner Gill set to make $2 million annually

I think this is great hire for KU. We're talking about a guy who guided a team to their first bowl game in 50 years and which in the previous eight year before his tenure, had won a total of 12 games. While his record at buffalo may seem like something to scoff at, he turned a bottom dwelling program in the MAC conference to title contenders. And He's a class act who's respected by his players and staff, something that can't be said for Mangino.

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A grand slam

I believe you can find the top 10 on page 2

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Jackson returns to Lawrence to benefit youths

I have a man-crush on D-Block.

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More than a cheerleader

Areana Wars @

Allen Fieldhouse vs. Gallagher-Iba Arena


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