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Realignment Today: Reports indicate Big 12 planning to officially invite BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to join the conference as soon as Friday

Any word on if this will effect the current tv deal or if these 12 teams will be signing a new one soon? I’m hoping KU doesn’t sign onto anything that will extend the GOR, if they do then they aren’t moving anywhere and we are stuck as a mid-major.

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Realignment Today: As reports surface of a power conference alliance moving forward, at least one of those conferences remains open to expansion

Trev Albert also sounded like expansion is possible, it may not be next week or month but with the tv contracts expiring in the next few years it’s possible new schools will be added for the next contract.

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Realignment Today: Want KU to end up in the Big Ten? Now's a good time to start acting like it belongs

Jeff, KU gets about $4 million for tier 3, before the espn+ junk we signed onto we got 7 million. Anyway with the announcement today of the impending alliance between the other three conferences it looks like they all value broad based sports offerings, KU 16 varsity sports isn’t going to cut it when the Big 10, pac 12 and acc all offer over 20, this is what I mean when administration ignored the athletic dept other than basketball, no way KU with its profile should only be offering 16 sports, that’s minor league mid major stuff which is where we will be before too much longer.

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Realignment Today: Want KU to end up in the Big Ten? Now's a good time to start acting like it belongs

Karen and Dirk, on go to tickets, click on football and then there’s a drop down box for mobile ticketing and how to donate the tickets coming soon, though I’m not what’s keeping you from buying tickets now and donating them to an organization of your choice now, why wait?
Agree with you Matt but not only is it going to take an attitude change from the fans but also administration and the donors, this has been a problem in the making for decades, vast majority of people associated with KU (fans, admin, donors) are content with just being a basketball school and neglecting the rest of the athletic dept, I’ve never understood that, now we’re paying the price with a very good chance of having the basketball program become a mid major. Glen Mason and even in the early years of Terry Allen when he still had Mason’s players the team was competitive for perhaps a small bowl game or at least getting to .500 but the most we could ever get to the stadium was mid 30,000.

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Realignment Today: Alliance chatter between ACC, Big Ten & Pac-12 brings potentially scary times for Big 12

I’m not surprised, I responded a couple of weeks ago the PAC 12 was just being polite in talking to Bowlsby, if they are going to merge or become aligned with a Midwest conference it’s going to be the Big 10. For KU’s sake Girod better be up to the task, this is a lifetime defining moment for the university and the fact that he has been in California riding a Harley while this is going on doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in him, reminds me of when Gray-Little was in Europe and Lew Perkins was testifying in a trial in Topeka when the Big 12 was about to blow up the first time, no one of any authority from KU was at the those meetings, great representation 🙄

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Realignment Today: Reported meeting Tuesday between Big 12, Pac-12 worth noting for several reasons

Bowlsby better be careful, Big 12 and PAC 10 met to discuss an alliance or merger 10 years ago and Larry Scott then proceeded to try and raid the Big 12 eventually getting Colorado. If the PAC 12 wants a Midwestern presence then I see them doing something with the Big 10, I don’t see the PAC 12 being interested I the Big 12.

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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

Agree! I’m not sure what our options were last time though I heard a lot of Twitter rumors, but I think KU was in a much stronger position last time than they are now.

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With OU & UT reportedly eyeing the SEC, are we on the brink of conference realignment 2021?

If KU didn’t get an invite back in 2010 when we were two years removed from a basketball natty and orange bowl victory why would we get an invite now with our only relevant program looking at sanctions in the near future? KU is in trouble, there is nothing on the horizon that suggests this isn’t a big deal as stated earlier in this article, if that was truly the case then why are OU and UT considering relocating?

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Report: Football Border War on brink of returning

Please not in KC

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self focused on recruiting impact of games being on ESPN+

I pay 90 for directv with unlimited log in and simultaneous viewing online, I looked at you tube and Hulu live a couple of months ago, $50 a month, didn’t have local channels or a few kid channels my youngest watch, I believe only two people can view simultaneous and got three log ins, with six people in my family that is not going to work not to mention tying up a device and then having to pay more to increase my internet speed, it was basically a wash financially. I do watch stuff on the net and when I hook it up to tv the picture quality isn’t the same, I’ll stick with old fashion satellite, watch tv in 1080 hd, going to 4K soon.

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