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Chalmers watched gold-medal Jayhawks with pride

Pretty certain that the Pan AM USA squad could use some Frank Mason and Nic Moore right about now. Bobby Brown and Romelo Trimble are terrible.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Unless I completely misinterpreted what I've read over at The Shiver and people in charge over there as well as other top recruiting sites and scouts...It's been my understanding that they evaluate talent per class based on how they project to the NBA. Unfortunately, IMO that mindset (And the current perception) allows the College Game as well as the "OAD" moniker to be caught in the middle as one big mess. I mean, that's the only reason we have the term. Are you OAD or not? Unfortunately, that's how these evaluations at least in the minds of these kids and families are viewed and perceived and I think that's sad.

RJ, I think that would be a great question for any top Scout who does this for a living. I will ask Matt Scott or Ryan Noel in some of the discussion threads over at the The Shiver to hopefully get an answer or explanation.

Finally, I hope you don't look away from the "Crash" (Your words not mine-LOL) because it's a mess. It's as corrupt as it's ever been. I thought it was bad back in the middle and late 90's to early 2000's, but IMO its worse now days. Its just more structured, organized, and "Corporated" with the shoe companies. It's hard to track the corruptness, but it's there. Everyone is a pin drop away from trying to exploit these kids.

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Chalmers watched gold-medal Jayhawks with pride

USA/Kansas absolutely won the gold because Nic Moore was there. They wouldn't have won it without him. Nic Moore didn't shoot the ball particularly well and he gave up a huge size disadvantage when teams tried to post him up.

With that said, his ball handling, decision making, experience, ability to quickly adapt to his role next to Mason/Selden, ability to accept his role, his relentless perimeter ball pressure, his leadership, his ability to penetrate the gaps, his ability to create scoring opportunities for others, and finally his character trumps any of the negatives or limitations he exhibited on the court. That's the reason they won the gold.

Graham does have a much higher ceiling but if he can do all those things Nic Moore did and become a more consistent shooter...Kansas' backcourt is gonna be very exciting.

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Chalmers watched gold-medal Jayhawks with pride

It will be interesting to see how this team grows or doesn't grow in 2015-2016. I have a hard time seeing the comparison to the 08 team, but the end result could be the same.

Togetherness and Chemistry is an amazing thing so that is about the only comparison I can see. I think the roster makeup is a lot different. If we are truly comparing to the 08 team...what concerns me is that that 08 team had Chalmers, Russ Rob, and Collins as primary ball handlers that were completely interchangeable subbing for one another. Basically a 3 headed monster in the backcourt all creating opportunities for Rush, Arthur, Jackson, and Kaun.

I just don't see that on this 2015-2016 squad and I do think it's a concern. You have Mason and Graham as primary ball handlers, but KU is severely lacking that third ball handler to sub for Graham and Mason. Svi? You will have to convince me because he's not a a true 2 handling the ball. Vick? I like him, but he's young, raw, and inexperienced. How quickly can he get up to speed if at all? Selden? After his first two years playing along side Wiggins and Oubre I'm not convinced he's gonna be any better playing the 2 alongside lesser talent in Greene and Svi. We shall see.

Also, heading into 2008 nobody knew exactly who the leaders were gonna be but Russ Rob, DJ, and Chalmers IMO took on that role as the season progressed. We know Ellis is gonna defer and be like Brandon Rush so you can only hope Selden, Graham, and Mason can take on that leadership role.

The last factor is whether or not Bragg and Diallo can be that force in the middle KU needs. Jackson and Kaun were seniors and Arthur was essentially Bragg and Diallo, but with 2 years experience. Ellis, Traylor, and Mickelson are seniors and Lucas is a big body Junior so the experience is there, but is the talented duo of Bragg and Diallo gonna be too inexperienced to get KU where they need to be? The "Timing" of the roster might be off just a bit for it all to work and mesh. Again, we shall see. That's the beauty of why we play the seasons.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Aaron, now I may be wrong, but it's always been my understanding that a lot of these scouts are evaluating talent based on their "NBA Potential", but the rankings help identify the recruits for the college game as well as the NBA. It's a double dipping per say, but it's suppose to be more geared towards the NBA which IMO is the complete asinine way of going about these evaluations.

IMO, there is no clear cut definition on how these scouts evaluate the kids or what their underlying incentive to do so actually is (We pretty much know what it is) in the end.

The problem IMO is that the evaluations are skewed because it's against at best average talent within AAU and then you have the shoe companies trying to make deals with certain kids which IMO also plays a factor in these rankings which family members and players believe is the ultimate goal for some reason.

It really is a shame the NBA Players Union is allowing this happen. I Mean, I know they are trying to protect their "Veterans" in the league, but at the same time they are really creating a cluster #$#@ (Pardon my language) within the AAU with all of its underlying political side businesses and corruptness to lock up these kids with shoe deals, specific agents, colleges, etc.

Unfortunately, Colleges and Universities are caught up in the middle of this juggernaut and they have their own agendas to get top talent which also could be viewed as very sketchy at times.

It's amazing to me that the AAU, College, and NBA couldn't come up with a platform to work together to come up with a system that benefits all. I mean, it works in baseball and people make the right decisions and wrong decisions all the time, but college baseball and Major League Baseball work cohesively together with the system that is in place.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Thats a really thoughtful post. Well said. I agree with all of it although I don't think Selden stays if he has a break out year and just crushes it this year. There are still a lot of unknowns this year with Selden, but Selden has experienced the "Struggles" more so than most and has received heavy criticism at times his first two years an his draft status has plummeted big time because of it.

With that said, I wouldn't blame Selden one bit for leaving if he does crush it this year and his name somehow starts creeping back up in the first round discussion. It may be his best shot to the make the "league". He would certainly have to put up dominant and eye popping performances for that to happen this year. Lot's of "What if's", but regardless...he needs a breakout year and take ownership of his future and this team.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Good thoughts and points, but that was awful to read through and try to digest.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Good stuff HEM. I'm not convinced Diallo is gonna be a OAD. Would not shock me to see him leave, but it would not shock me for him to stay a second season either. I could actually see Diallo coming back for his sophomore year and teaming with Bragg as an amazing front court with Lucas and Coleby (Sp?) off the bench.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

I don't get it either. People spend more time discussing recruits that Kansas will never get more than the team or it's results during the season. That's what blows my mind.

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In the running: A look at some of the top basketball preps still considering the Jayhawks

Ferguson seems to be the biggest KU lean at the moment. KU has been on him for a while. With the rest...your guess is as good as mine.

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