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Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg losing sleep over KU; Bill Self as Wicked Witch of the West?

REALLY?Wizard of Oz? Is that is all OSU has? Definitely lowered my opinion of this higher institution of learning..

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Opinion: Race for second place in Big 12 begins Saturday

Apparent you never did take that class in college "Underwater Basketweaving" offered to all the jocks. Probably similar to the current North Carolina classes offered to those who dont need to actually attend classes to pad GPA's

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KU three-point shot charts: Naadir Tharpe's hot spot and other quirks

ho hum..everyone knows what is everyone's pockets. Jesse does not accoumt for the Self factor. You shoot when HCBS tells you to based on the matchups..Pretty pictures though.

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Richmond looks a lot like a team KU just played

Stupidmichael! Are you scared yet?

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Self, Jayhawks: There's nothing middling about mid-major Belmont

Self wont let this mid major become another "KILLER B" team....hope he showed them the tapes

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KU's Elijah Johnson healing, feeling more like his high-flying self

Almost Jabatian,
Motivation must come from within Grasshopper Elijah, not from the coach, the crowd, the family or the press, Seek what lies within the passion of your game, and unite with powers of your brother teammates to become one circle-the beginning with no end, and to this truth will be revealed the power and the spirit for the passion. It will consume you, but it will be yors forever in the phog of history. Go Grasshopper and see the rim once again.

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Notebook: Travis Releford — not Ben McLemore — has dunk of the day

A dunk is only worth 2 points, but with it comes a lot of intimidation. Withey needs to dunk more....IMHO

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FINAL: Jayhawks steamroll Colorado, 90-54

You are definitely not a Kansas have no class.....

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KU freshman Perry Ellis: College transition tough but rewarding

And you sound like someone who believes athletes fall into the following categories. Use them, abuse them, and if no good, then lose them.

Get a life, and dont live your life through someone else who doesnt live up to your expectations.

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