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Big 12 champs: Withey, Ellis lead KU to 70-54 win over Kansas State

So we need to schedule a mock funeral for Bruce ?

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Self lets Jayhawks have some fun in Senior Night rout

EMAW is just another way of crying...Go KSU

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Ben McLemore easy pick for No. 1

I thought the flow of the game was great at times. However I did notice one thing that EJ has once again reverted to.....he drives, jumps in the air, and has no clue what to do with the ball. Last game he took it to the basket and scored, but with the WV trees, he couldnt do that. I think it is a bad habit, and it reminds me of a past KU point that had the front line to cover his behind when he did it. Just thought that was the only bad in this game and hope the trend doesnt continue....

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FINAL: Elijah Johnson wills KU to 108-96 OT win over Iowa State

So if you say it 100 times, will it make a difference. Actually if you say it 100 times and no one pays attention, who is the slow learner!

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Friendly fire puts KU basketball 24th on one Associated Press ballot

really???? it is only one game.

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Journal-World sports section earns APSE Triple Crown; Tom Keegan honored for columns

Kudos for LJW sports staff !!!!!. Was one article specifically submitted for TK to win the award? I would like to go back and read it.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

I keep waiting for the "Talk" to match the "Walk"....put your shoes on EJ!

February 13, 2013 at 6:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Close shots partly to blame for Elijah Johnson's offensive struggles

Nice stats, So how does it get fixed?

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Texas' only hope for upset might be at free throw line

Will EJ even make the list?

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