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How does KU rank compared to other blue bloods in terms of playing fast offensively?

Any offense could be quick if the guy who rebounds the ball, is the one who gets to dribble it down court and shoot it....

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KU grad Nick Bradford to coach at MSSU

I noticed the lack of Kentucky-ists too. Makes one wonder!

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Morris twins to play for NBA summer league title

The twins have always had each other's back. It is good to see them together again.

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Self foundation donates millions toward city rec center

I am curious...what did you have for dinner Bill? Eh?

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McLemore shows off athleticism at NBA combine

Ben, Ben, Ben !!!!! Why didnt you tell those NBA people that you could dance!!!! Especially after you win!!!!!

May 18, 2013 at 8:10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )'s Eric Bossi discusses Andrew Wiggins and his potential impact if he commits to KU

I dont know if HCBS is really down after losing top recruit after top recruit, but the fans seem all wrapped up..I dont care if we get Wiggins or not....want to keep winning and HCBS has that formula and if those youngsters dont understand that...then keep on moving down the road. It is done the right way at KU>

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Bill Self Fantasy Basketball Camp

I would have liked to see more pictures of Jaybate. Elvis too, if he hadn't have left the building...rcjh

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Former Jayhawk Mario Little grinding out pro basketball career

Same guy on this picture too...there has to be a story brewing....???

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Shooting is a big deal in a dome! It is easier to make a shot in the lane than a 3 pointer. Begin by feeding the Withey, drag their defense in to the basket, then our guys from the outside will have wide open uncontested shots...Moral of the story,,,,dont fall in love with the three...Michigan will, and there are some odds that they will shoot over average and win, but much better than just throwing the ball up RCJH

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Opinion: Jeff Withey helps save day

Whithey should have saved the game. The game is all about matchups, and when WKU hacked their way into foul trouble, a senior possibly playing in his last game has to recognize that he needs to step up and be the man. If the opponents have poor guards, then it will be the guards turn to step it up. The North Carolina game will be totally different, and we shall see who steps up and is able to find their weakness and have a terrific game. Let the chess match begin...I wonder if Roy practiced against a triangle and two...rcjh

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