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The Day After: An Eastern Kentucky scare

Matt, I really enjoy these Tale of the Tait articles the day after a game. Lots of good information here.
We have all seen Naadir have amazing games where he really runs the point like he should, and has some great dishes that turn into points on the board. He has also had some great drives to the paint or a 3 pointer when we needed them.
Naa is turnover prone though, and when he is not playing well it really affects the rest of the team. On Sunday should Self start with Naa and see if he learned a lesson and can play the way he needs to, or does he start with Conner who as we all know, we don't win on Friday is he isn't on the floor. Has Self been saving FranKamp for the tournament as a secret weapon ? Maybe we should have changed it up more during the season.

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Column: Freshmen duo’s KU stay short, sweet

Embiid has leaned more towards staying another year, so I also don't understand the presumption that he is one and done. Self said he will not leave for the money, so he is only going to leave if he feels he has learned the game well enough to make a difference in the NBA immediately, and to have a successful career like the players he admires. Obviously his first admiration and the videos he has studied have been on Hakeem Olajuwon. Hakeem is one of the best players to ever play the game, and he stayed at Houston for 3 years before pledging for the draft.

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Naadir Tharpe stands out as top Jayhawk at Baylor

I thought I was the only one to feel this way until Scut Farkus posted, I think for as much energy as Mason brings to the game, he has also cost us a lot of points in cheap fouls, driving to the basket when there was no shot, and not being able to guard his opponent. In the Texas game I feel Naa should have had another chance to redeem himself, and with Embiid not playing well, why wasn't Black played more? I'm never one to want to second guess Self, but occasionally there are players that he puts too much faith in (IMO). The sports announcers seem so ignorant calling the games. They were putting Wiggs down at first for not being a factor in the game when his defense was stellar, and he was making a difference in many other areas of the game. I also get tired of the Bio on Wiggs and Embiid in every single game. We are getting ready for tournament play, can we skip the "Embiid's only been playing basketball for 2 years" bit ????

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No trip to title game for KU

The foul calling is still very annoying because it breaks up the game so much and you can't get any rhythm. Foul trouble definitely threw our game off, and there were a lot of no-calls on Villanova that put us at a disadvantage (like the one that Self got a technical for). It may not have mattered as the biggest issue last night with our team was our free-throw shooting was horrendous. We missed the front-end of several. There were at least 10 points given up at the charity stripe. We can't miss those in a big game. Wiggins and Ellis rarely miss but they missed plenty in this game. I think overall our young team was a little intimidated and they missed shots they would normally not miss. Frustrating game to watch.

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KU locker room explodes following Saturday win over West Virginia

Thanks for a look at the celebration Matt. As much as I know the difficulty in fans keeping up their support and letting these guys know we're behind them, I worry that some of these players who could easily play somewhere else will get discouraged. For this program to continue to get better and be successful, we have to be able to recruit. All year long these players have continued to believe, and that is phenomenal. These guys have so much character. Saturday's team looked like a different team. They took charge and stayed in charge. Rock Chalk.

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Opinion: Kansas football primed to upset Red Raiders

Here are the facts as I see them, KU has improved in almost every facet from last season, kicking, quarterback, defense, special teams. Add that to the fact that we had heartbreak losses to Texas & Oklahoma State last year, games we could have won. It seems like a lot of our trouble is confidence. When we play the teams that are supposed to be easy wins, we have something to prove and are somewhat afraid of making a mistake and being embarassed. When we play a team like TT where we are the underdog, I think we can play without fear. The monkey will be on their back this time. TT will seriously underestimate Kansas.

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KU’s Justin Wesley suffers broken pinkie

I figured he was already out with an injury. He hasn't been played any significant minutes in several games. Maybe he has been in the doghouse with Self ?

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