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Former Jayhawk DT Marquel Combs finds new home

sorry, but no way is weis going to jeopardize the atmosphere he's building by promising anyone automatic playing time. telling a kid we've had a pile of crap here that he has to compete with for a starting position and just giving it to him before even stepping on the practice field are two different things einstein

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What caught my eye at Day 12 of KU football's fall camp

slater is gonzo ... enrolled at OU

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Jayhawks’ first football drills to offer peek at progress

its time for renderings!!!! i'm ready to write another check for my part ... give us renderings!!

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A year later, Bowlsby proven prophetic about Big 12

I only visit this site on my iPad now .. Which means I view about a third of the time i used to ...

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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

It's about time we start seeing some renderings and plans for Memorial

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

good now approve plans for memorial and release them.

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KU women fall at Oklahoma, 85-77

a good AD should always have a list of of coaches to go after

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KU women fall at Oklahoma, 85-77

henrickson has been here how long now?? besides one or two moments, she has proven beyone a doubt that she cannot create a winning program here. this team is going to miss the tourney again, which at Kansas, is unexcusable at the rate she has gotten them there. she needs to be shown the door, enough losing already.

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Outcome again could seal KU women’s fate

at what point do you stop feeding into promise and respond to results. enough is enough if this team doesnt make the tourney, and even then, without a deep run, she should be gone. save the one sweet 16 team, henrickson has led an underachieving squad ever since shes been here.

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