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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

"There's (which means there is)" should actually be "there are".

There are too many comma errors to even waste my time.

Learn to write in complete sentences. Your run-ons are brutal. I think everyone deserves better than your jumbled rant.

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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

When being critical, make sure you use the correct form of "weather/whether"...

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Sherron II? Collins-like guard Frank Mason picks KU

that was a good one as well...

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Sherron II? Collins-like guard Frank Mason picks KU

the OU game where sherron took over was one of the more impressive performances i have seen from an individual player in a LONG time. he was unconcious...

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Jayhawks defeat Swiss National Team, 79-76

this is not our third alternate uni.... i think this is simply a nicer practice uni for the exhibition tour... we have already worn a red alternate... see the photo below and you will see the differences:

1. much more blue
2. jayhawk on shorts as opposed to just the "KU"
3. rounded "kansas on front chest"

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More links: Audio from Missouri representative who is really opposed to KU license plates; T-Rob labeled 'jackpot' player

I love it that he thinks basketball is played on a "field of competition"... no wonder they have never made it to the Final Four. They think basketball is played on a flipping field!!!!

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

i share your thoughts exactly. name, claim it, move on to focus on the taske at hand. i appreciate the way in which hinson and manning were hired. now everyone can stop worrying/asking/talking about it. if we don't win it all, saying these two hires caused it would be foolish.

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Roy Williams, Tar Heels hurting after loss to Kansas

when did he blame the loss on not having marshall? of course, he had to talk about as it was one of the first things he was asked about. however, in his opening remarks and almost throughout every question, he credits KU. everyone understands KU was fortunate to play them without their PG. self even said so. roy didn't harp on it at all. he addressed it when he was asked but spent much of the presser talking of crediting KU and how much he is proud of his players. maybe you didn't get the entire press conference???

***the only reason i pulled it from UNC site is that kuathletics did not have it posted (that i could see)

how can you have that attitude against a guy who is responsible for the program being where it is today? self is awesome and i wouldn't trade him for the world.... i think it is a bit weak to root against someone that set the table for self, though.

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Titans ‘flying high’

Oh my goodness! I am so sick of people complaining about people complaining that they complained about Keegan... Don't we have a game soon?!

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Self: Report of feud with Baylor's Drew ‘inaccurate’

i wonder what cheek thinks about that choice now?

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