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Fantasy campers get to meet ex-Jayhawks

surely this is sarcasm??? wasn't there - did that little guy actually go by him? based on the photos, wayne doesnt appear to have "let himself go". he isn't the rock he was during his playing days, but he still looks pretty put together.

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Fantasy campers get to meet ex-Jayhawks

every time i see the nuggets play i think of sherron. sherron came to KU in the shadow of lawson at UNC. however, throughout his career, he was every bit as good as lawson (if not better). everyone has already noted the struggles sherron had, but i wish he would find a way to shed the lbs and get going... it stinks to see lawson flourish and sherron is not even on the map.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

He only called you out on it because you called out the author... Plagiarism has to do with writing/English. You called out someone on their writing/English. You got called out on YOUR writing/English. It makes perfect sense, so don't go getting all bent out of shape.

Oh, by the way... it's "an" English-Lit Page, not "a"... LOL!

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6-foot-10 Arkansas transfer Hunter Mickelson picks KU

I didn't mean for it to come across like I was hating on Graves. I was more pointing to what you noted; when his head wasn't in it, he could have been looked at as slow. I was more just alluding that IF he was wanting to make that argument, that'd maybe be his best bet

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6-foot-10 Arkansas transfer Hunter Mickelson picks KU

I know... that is always what bothered me about Simien, TRob, the Morris twins, DArthur... their lack of speed. #smh

Almost all of the bigs under Self have been more on the quick/agile side... Darnell Jackson, Withey, Aldrich (not slow, just a bit clumsy), Traylor, Wesley, Young. Even Kaun was pretty fast, he was just clunky. Jeff Graves was the best bet you have likening anyone to ALL of the large and slow KU bigs.

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UNC coach Roy Williams: Loss stings, but not because of history with KU

i am of the opinion that roy should be welcomed back to KU (after he retires) for a game to be honored at a halftime. i think he deserves to have all his players come back and join with him watching a highlight reel play on the video board! he brought SO MANY great moments to lawrence. we cheer for them on a yearly basis during pre-game videos.... why not celebrate those moments with him once it is all said and done?! i think an extended standing ovation would be appropriate and would be great to see once he has hung it up. i really hope KU does something like this to honor one of our finest coaches!

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Big 12 tournament promises to be unpredictable

haha... very funny. double check your "2012 Big 12 Champions". You haven't won a Conference Championship since 1994!!! You won the "Conference Tourney Championship". NOT THE SAME THING! Those are two totally different titles and are represented by two different banners in the rafters. Not that I would expect you to know what a Championship Banner looks like... By the way, how is middle of the road in the SEC treating ya? About the same as you ranked in the Big12!!! HA!

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Kansas’ Bill Self had a ball at ISU

i love ben and think he has done an outstanding job representing himself and KU. this comment is not directed at him personally, more at our society in general. how is, that a kid so marred by poverty, has thousands of dollars of ink on his arms? is he getting the tats for free or is ku caught up just like every other school that someone gives these kids some dough on the side? this has always struck my curiousity. don't think i am some troll or anything like that.... it happens everywhere. it seems like almost every bball or football recruit comes in and is well taken care of... elite kids come from low income situations and play ball at big schools. yet, somehow they always seem to have the latest shoes, clothes, iphones, etc. how is it happening without something fishy going on?

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Bill Self to be inducted into Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

as an okie resident and an avid jayhawk fan - this is AWESOME!!

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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

I wasn't too put out with the overall content. It did seem to end rather abruptly... that's all.

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