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Ottawa’s Semi Ojeleye to visit Duke on May 31

Um, a high school player ranked 37th in the country is just down the road from Lawrence, is visiting a top college program, has scholarship offers from K-State and MU, and somehow this isn't newsworthy?

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Appeal unsuccessful: NCAA denies hardship waiver for KU WR Justin McCay

NCAA = Not Care About Athletes

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Carolina drama intrigues

Readers want to know what the hot topic at the St. Louis regional is, especially since it deals with the Number 1 seed, and a coach who spent 15 years at KU. If this was happening to Ohio I doubt there would have been a column. Roy was here for a long, long time, and people, as you can tell by the number of comments, want to read about him, UNC and what could happen Friday night.

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Brock Berglund saga over; KU grants QB full release

$40,000 for a year of online courses? What kind of classes was he taking and where was he taking them from? Harvard?

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Sheahon Zenger comments briefly on Brock Berglund situation

No, it's about consistency. Zenger wanted Gill gone so bad he all but packed up $6m in suitcases for Gill so he could hit the road. KU should fax, fed-ex, express mail, whatever, BB his release and tell him to hit the road. Instead the geniuses at KU decide that the PR impact of portraying KU as being small and petty to recruits is worth it to make a stand about "right" and "wrong," even though a lot of people (not me) said KU was "wrong" to only give Gill two years. Are the facts about this case really ever going to sink into with high school recruits or are they just going to "hear" that KU held BB hostage? Time to cut losses with this recruit before KU loses recruits because of this.

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Sheahon Zenger comments briefly on Brock Berglund situation

CW, KU AND Zenger are small and petty on this one. All this junk about a right way and wrong way to exit a program...While having Gill as coach for even one day was one day too many, most of the rest of the football world thought KU was wrong to give Gill only two years and that KU getting rid of him (which they should have) was the "wrong way" So KU can do things the "wrong way" yet holds some freshman that they have no use for to a higher standard. What a joke! Since they rolled over on Gill is this there way of taking a stand?

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Former KU quarterback Brock Berglund issues statement saying KU won't grant release

Did KU ask TG to return his salary? No KU gave TG $6 mill to go away, yet KU wants to be a jerk to Brock and not let him go away while basically promoting itself as a specialty transfer haven...I thought TG should have gotten rid of BB last year but its time to cut KU's losses. Also not sure BB got $20,000 worth of education. How many "remote" classs/credit hours did he take last spring and this fall? $20,000 worth?

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Liberty University introduces Turner Gill as coach

At $400-$450K Gil's probably more in his pay range this time, although you throw in what KU's paying him and overall he's making Charlie money. First sign of worry, noticed Gil may switch to the 4-3 defense even though Liberty had success (15-7) with 3-4, 3-5-3 over the last two years. Can his players make the switch?

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Bill Self meets with President in Osawatomie

Listen to the tape….”I’ve now been in fifty…… states? I think one left to go. One left to go. Alaska and Hawaii. I was not allowed to go to even though I wanted to visit but my staff would not justify it.”

It doesn’t seem out of the question Obama meant he visited 47 states with one state left to visit, no counting Alaska and Hawaii.

However, others have said that if you look up the Federal Definition of "state" that "State means each of the several States so when you add the regular states plus the District of Columbia (51), the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (52), Guam (53), American Samoa (54), the Virgin Islands (55), the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (56), and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (57) you get 57.

I don’t think that’s what Obama meant. The first seems more likely, but why ruin a good fable…

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If biggest coaching names choose other schools, Phillip Fulmer could fit at KU

Fulmer was 112-43 without Manning and he won the NC the year after Manning left. Hardly a record around .500.

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