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Rhea Codio, Annette Davis to transfer from KU

A bit tough to have a winning season when two of your starters go out with ACL injuries. Hopefully next season will pick up considering Goodrich, Engelman, and C. Davis will be back and most likely starting. Look for Davis to make some serious noise in the paint next season. She's going to be phenomenal. The signs are already there based on her performance during her freshman contest.

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McCray hopeful for WNBA chance

Danielle - Good luck overseas and we can't wait to see you playin next year in the WNBA. Great job at KU, we'll miss you!

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Freshmen star in narrow loss to UT

supermario - You are right, some of the calls did not go in our favor at the end of the game. The one ref called a jump ball when Sutherland clearly had possession and tossed it to a team member. That was an awful call. There was also a bad call against Morris when she took the elbow. Who knows what could have happened. Would have loved to of seen the ball in Monica's hands with ten seconds to go. Jacobs just kinda freaked out. Anyway, hard fought game, good atmosphere. The freshman and soph's we have next year are going to be decent. Davis and Engelman will just continue to grow. I hope Goodrich finds her way back. That'd be a pretty quick team.

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KU women's basketball falls in final seconds

Omegatron - I'm not a hater so I really don't appreciate being classified as one as you've grouped many of us together. I've been a season ticket holder for eight years. I love watching the girls play, it's fun and exciting. But at some point, WINNING is fun too. This was an achievable game, so was the K-State was every other game we have lost this season. Losing is frustrating for the team, coaching staff, AND the fans. I'm tired of being frustrated. I'm ready to see some of these "tough losses" become "hard fought wins." We are a better team with Angel on the court, so it's hard to be optimistic about our future. Another WNIT run is all well and good, but how about a step forward and getting an NCAA run? Tough to do without our true PG. Who's going to lead? McCray? OK, fine, but she's shown that she has off nights. Who's going to step up then? Sade? She's barely making a mark as it is. Jacobs? Only if she can stop turning the ball over. Clearly, it's going to be a bumpy ride. We'll see what happens on Sunday against Mizzou.

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KU women's basketball falls in final seconds

I agree mvjayhawk. We def. needed this win. This team is different with Goodrich on the floor. If she's done, consider KU done. Unless they can rally. Unfortunately, history proves that they cannot. I love the Lady Jayhawks and Bonnie Ball, but enough is enough

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No. 19 KU women pick up road win over Iowa, 66-55

A point guard was so badly needed, and a point guard we now HAVE. What a way to take control when needed and score two quick buckets. I am so excited to see what Angel has in store for the next four years. It's gonna be good.

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Open-door policy

Update - The vehicle apparently belonged to Tyshawn Taylor who purchased it from Scot Pollard. We'll see where that takes us.

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Open-door policy

Anyone heard the recent news about Markieff Morris getting into a car accident about three weeks ago while in Scot Pollard's vehicle? Kevin Kietzman is giving birth to a cow about this on 810 right now. This should be fun. </sarcasm>

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KU vs. UTEP -- 09/12/09 at El Paso, TX

I purchased the CBS All-Access HD Pay-Per-View for this game and tried for an hour to get in with no luck. I tried on a Mac and a PC and neither would load for me. I then purchased the Standard view (will get a refund for the HD purchase) and it works fine. All-Access is through CBS Sports and AT&T but AT&T Uverse doesn't have the channel, which is bunk. Switched from Sunflower to AT&T about six months ago, this is most certainly a down side.

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Jayhawks’ McCray on Wade Watch list

Wow. Way to go Danielle. Show em what you are made of this season girl!

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