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Big Dave's big day: No. 2 Kansas crushes Kansas City behind career-high from David McCormack

Thank you. I just wish it was available on tv, even if I had to pay the extra fee. Rock Chalk

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Big Dave's big day: No. 2 Kansas crushes Kansas City behind career-high from David McCormack

I was wondering if Espn plus pixels and goes to red screen for anyone besides me. I don't know if it is the app or my internet service. I have no problems with any other streaming service.

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Quick recap: Kansas drops narrow decision to Kansas State

Why in the world did he not run a play in the last moments of the first half? Snap the ball with 3 seconds left and it is a free play.

First game that I've been this frustated with in a long time.

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

I have been to every home game since 2006. The attendance must go off tickets sold, not people in the stands. I'm guessing that there was about 8000 people there for the Nicholl's State game.

Here is a picture from my seat looking north. South bleachers were no better.

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5 stats that popped in KU’s loss at Oklahoma

Rebounds were even until Dok missed the series of free throws. Which give OU easy rebounds on his missed free throws. Tough game to lose.

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Self seeking better days from KU defense as regular season draws near

Green was the worst ball handlers I've seen at D1. He could not bring it up court without it being an adventure.

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LB Joe Dineen: KU football fans 'deserve so much better'

Has anyone else notice the choreograph dances the coaches do before the kickoffs, on the 50 yard line. Makes me want to puke.

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Bounced by Baylor: Jayhawks frustrated by 'unacceptable' 38-9 loss

Brett, I agree about the crowd. I've had season tickets since 2006. My seats are on the 50 yard line, top row on the east side. I can see the entire stadium clearly. I take pictures of the crowd nearly ever week. This week was the worst I've seen in 12 years. I have never left early in the twelve years and the crowd just keeps getting smaller. When the stadium seats around 52,000, the stadium should of been close to half full. One out of ten seats gives you 5,000 people.

I also notice that some of the KU players went straight to the locker room after the game. They didn't shake hands with the Baylor players.

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