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Now Jayhawks can focus on Missouri

I'm not real big on analyzing the other team. Quite honestly, I don't care. I understand if we don't play sound basketball then this team wont win against a good team. The thing that has driven me crazy this year has been the guard play. TT has played very well lately so he is off the hook. I don't even need the 2 and 3 guards to play well, but just contribute somewhere. Elijah, Teahan and Releford tend to be no shows most of the time. Releford was a mad man for about 2 games in December. I haven't seen that intensity on offense since. They all play good defense and I'm thankful. But if we don't start rebounding then we won't win the BIG XII and that is what I want. The tourney is a crap shoot. But we should we this division. The last thing I want to see, as well as you all, is to see MU run off to the SEC with this title.

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Delayed Big 12 schedule keeps fans, schools guessing

I agree. I don't have an issue with the gear that is being sold or the uniforms the team wears. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the ridiculous shoes we wear. Adidas is a shoe company, you would think they would come out with a decent looking shoe. I wouldn't wear our gameday shoes even if they were free. There is something about looking good and feeling good that translates into good play. I wouldn't feel good about wearing those clown shoes with an otherwise slick looking uniform.

Another thing, these guys grow up idolizing NBA players who wear Nike shoes. If a shoe keeps a guy from coming to KU then we probably don't want him but it is something recruits think about.

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Brock Berglund saga over; KU grants QB full release

How? They are basically saying, you buy into what we are doing or you hit the road. I, for one, think thats great. I'm tired of the hugs and kisses TG put on this team. Its football. People hit people and you can't make a delicate response about that. You need guys to buy into your program and I think HCCW made a huge statement by dumping this guy....I use guy loosely.

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Brock Berglund saga over; KU grants QB full release

funny response. I got a good laugh.

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Realignment heats up once again, as Big 12 expansion committee schedules teleconference to talk Louisville and BYU

I think its a poor move to even consider BYU. They are in a different time zone. Throw in the east coast time zone for WVU and this conference would be spread too far apart. If Louisville comes aboard, then the WVU move makes more sense. Colorado didn't fit for a reason. BYU makes no sense. Lets just keep adding teams east of the Mississippi if they do indeed want to expand.

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Emotional rescue: KU, Thomas Robinson hold it together, edge Texas

You guys nailed all the Lundquist blunders from yesterday. Elijah, only playing Texas once, Manning and Texas. Geez. Way too many gaffs for one game.

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

I pray that the bball team doesn't lay a terd today against OSU. I hope the atmosphere is electric (which it normally is) and we can welcome our new football coach and possible stud qb with a great game.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

We need a balance of both offense and defense. Easily said right? But I'm leaning more to defense. I would rather watch a game where I KNEW our defense would hold someone rather than the games that we have seen where players are out of position.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Bill Self look to build off UK game mistakes

His shooting stroke sucks. Glad he stuck around to get his degree.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Bill Self look to build off UK game mistakes

I understand what you are talking about and thus it seems like he has been there for ages. TT may be a good guy (not kid) but that goes to waste each season. So why can't a PG shoot the ball or know his surroundings and pull it out. He is a senior! I knew this in AAU in middle school. Can't shoot and make good decisions? Heck of a PG resume to me.

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