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His moment of Truth? Ben McLemore goes No. 7 in NBA Draft to Sacramento Kings

Quite a nice complement from LeBron James.

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

I'd prefer to play somebody we haven't already beaten nearly 200 times.

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Opinion: Dick Vitale loves life, wife and Andrew Wiggins

I do enjoy Vitale, but he will blabber about something he knows only from reading one line in a newspaper article, and sometimes it was wrong. That can be annoying. He tries to get up on the local information before he does a game.

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Opinion: Dick Vitale loves life, wife and Andrew Wiggins

Well, I'm glad he brought the expectations back down to earth!

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Opinion: Dick Vitale loves life, wife and Andrew Wiggins

I can understand the feeling and many people share it, I happen to get a kick out of old Motormouth, even after 30 years.

He is a very nice, compassionate man. My wife met him in the Atlanta airport once and my daughter asked for an autograph. He was very nice.

My favorite quote (1987 or so) was Vinny Del Negro transferring from Indiana (Bob Knight) to NC State (Jim Valvano): "That's like going from General Patton to Sargent Bilko!"

He and Valvano were buddies, both Italian descent from NJ who went to Rutgers.

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Freshman Frankamp brings hot shot to KU

I think his age will be questioned more than any player since Greg Oden.

We all know he will not take the number of shots he did in HS. An amazing shooter. He does look fast, too. But as noted here, no defense, no real playing time. I am not saying that he cannot defend, I have no idea yet.

Maybe more hype, but he looks like a better shooter than Heinrich, Vaughn or Hawkins initially. Hard not to find it exciting.

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Frank Mason gets taste of hoops hoopla

The films I've seen of Mason are very impressive. I think Self just got to him before others say his potential. Great to have him!

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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

I have a feeling his parents were Hill Street Blues fans.

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Chicago prep Matthews considers KU

He was talking about Missouri joining the Big 10 in Dec?? He doesn't sound like he was talking about 2-3 years ago, he sounds like he is talking about now. That seems unlikely they would leave the SEC. That was a strange conversation, it sounds like. Saying "we might want Kansas, but a lot of people didn't want them."

The "read and write" comment is just being a jerk.

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Good point(s): A look at best point guards in Bill Self era

There weren't that many! Tyshawn was a four year starter, Aaron Miles was two years, Collins started most of his career, at least three, if sometimes questionable memory serves. It is almost just a list of the starters in the Self era.

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