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Nebraska: Mangino's Last Stand?

I agree with many of the posts here. Perhaps Mangino has taken the program as far as he can, but I'm worried it would take a step (or multiple steps) back without him. Having attended KU during the horrible Terry Allen years, that thought scares me. Who is going to come in here and accomplish more? KU is not a big-name program, so it would take some big $$ to lure a big-name coach, if it can even be done.

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Integrity at issue, not ability

I agree that the "fans" who post on this site need to filter what they say (or have it filtered for them). It does no good to continuously bash the Henrys or the journalists who write about them. Those of you criticizing Keegan for this, look at what you're posting here and elsewhere. You're proving his argument for him. In terms of the recruiting saga itself, why don't we all stop pretending we have a clue what has gone on behind the scenes within the Henry family and between them and KU's or UK's representatives? We don't. We never will. Let's just focus on the team as it is.

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KU falls to No. 72 in NACDA rankings

I never like to see a low ranking by any standards, but I don't put much stock in this. While I cheer for all Jayhawk teams, I'm like just about every collegiate sports fan in the country in that I care most about basketball and football. How many schools are nationally ranked in both, with a recent national title (and a good chance at another)? Throw in a good run by the baseball team, and I'd say KU is in pretty good company. I can't name a single school I'd rather support, let alone 71.

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KU-Southern Miss football start time moved up

I guess that will teach people not to complain about an 11:30 start. I'm fine with it. Televised @ 11am is better than non-televised at any other time of day.

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Finish in Big 12 tourney key to landing in K.C.

I will admit that Mizzou WAS overrated at the time of that game, so the chant was somewhat justified in this case. (And it was nice to bring them back down to earth with that trampling.) I'm just saying I'm not a fan of the chant in general. It usually pops up when an unranked (or much lower-ranked) team beats a highly ranked team. I've always thought it cheapens the victory and makes the fans look stupid. Perhaps they should try it at the beginning of the game? KU is rarely in the position to even think about chanting that, so I like to let the victories do the talking. That's all. Nothing is out of bounds or "classless" against MU.

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Finish in Big 12 tourney key to landing in K.C.

I agree with rockchalkin54. I've never been a fan of the "over-rated" chant. Beasically, it screams "we wouldn't be able to beat a team with that ranking, so you must be overrated." KU fans are better than that.

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