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Road woes continue: Jayhawks fall at Ohio, 42-30

Bowen needs to be gone by the end of the weekend.

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Breaking Down the 2016 KU Football Recruiting Class

Very good article! Thanks Matt!

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McDonald's All American Game roundup: Oubre, Alexander and Turner

I'm really done with all the crap that has put up on the website. I don't want to answer any stupid questions just to read an article. I guess I will have to get may Hawks news elsewhere.

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Arch sadness: KU's season ends in St. Louis, in round of 32

Not your fault Wiggins! It just wasn't meant to be this year. I could see it all year long. Just not enough experience, too sloppy of play.

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Victory in third-place game doesn't impress Self

There is no need to panic. This is a team loaded with freshmen and sophomores. Trust in Self! He knows what he is doing. I think this weekend was great for them to learn from. If they are still playing this bad in 6 weeks then I will start to worry a little.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

So can KU get in trouble for this??

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How Jake Heaps' big spring game was different from Dayne Crist's in 2012

I swear most people on here focus more on grammar than on the articles themselves! Good lord people who cares how something is said. This is a damn sports page!

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What caught my eye at Saturday's practice: March 9

Matt you do a great job! Keep up the good work!

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

I agree! That track is an absolute joke! It makes us look bad. A lot of high schools don't even have the track around the field anymore.

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Early look at potential sleepers for KU football in 2013

I can agree with everything but Doherty. I have seen all want t see of him! The guy cant kick.

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