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Border Warriors prove mettle

This game deserves Keegan's article he wrote after the A&M game: "Kansas University basketball team also managed to diagram a blueprint for how to make an early exit in the NCAA Tournament."
Play against a team with a couple of good guards that can shoot the three and a forward with some inside mettle (Wichita State, Murray State), play for 20+ minutes like no one scouted the opposition's defense, and shoot poorly from the charity stripe.
There will be no Allen Fieldhouse to provide the comeback energy, just some half-empty arena with no life & KU will be going home early again this year.

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Self raves about Tyshawn Taylor’s big-time Big 12 play

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Now how many of those are flops?

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

good game. ku had it then lost it. and we finally realized that the two teams match up just like you'd think from looking at the rosters: ku's big(s) vs MU's guards.
KU defended MU's bread-and-butter plays very, very well. Ratliffe shoots such a high percentage because the guards drive the lane so well. KU took that away and made Ratliffe play defense.
The risk Self took -- and there's no way he wasn't aware of it -- was who does Teahan guard. Denmon came in shooting poorly, so that was the percentage play. But once Denmon came out playing to his averages, Self was stuck. Can't shift Teahan tp P. Pressey or Dixon or your bigs will be forced into fouls.
Self will need to figure out how to handle that matchup in Lawrence, or it will be a closer game than any KU wishes.

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That's more like it: Thomas Robinson returns to form, sparks KU

Anyone think TRob isn't 100%? His elevation doesn't seem as high as it has been. A couple of those dunks were just barely above the rim and he missed a couple over the last two games. He had a shot blocked that he normally dunks. Hope I'm just misreading the situation.

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FINAL: Iowa State hands KU first conference loss in 72-64 triumph

thanks for the link. some good comments on the article too: "As a devout UK fan I can without hesitation the best atmosphere is Allen Fieldhouse, sounds like a rock concert. Wish I had that in Rupp."

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Cyclones find positives in close loss

yep. it was Baylor's switch to man-to-man that finished K-State last week.

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Tyshawn Taylor tears meniscus in right knee, will be out an estimated 1-3 weeks


plus a few more minutes per game for Young & the opposing coaches' will have their hands full preparing for the Jayhawks. MU will have a tough match-up against Young and Releford.

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KU’s Thomas Robinson ready for OSU’s Jared Sullinger

I've been looking ahead to that match-up too. Self will of course work our bigs (advantage KU) and look to take away one or two of their guards (advantage MU). Keep Denmon and English or Dixon under 10 points a piece and KU will win.

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Basketball recruit Andrew White commits to KU

good article from the Progress-Index:

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No thanks: Duke remains perfect in Maui

San Diego,
Did you see the SDSU-UA game? Is UA as bad as their record indicates?
Keep the west coast posts coming.

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