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Kansas Jayhawks enter 2021 NCAA Tournament seeded 3rd in West

would help in picking brackets. They report injuries.

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Former KU basketball player Silvio De Sousa formally charged with felony aggravated battery

Bond only paid if he were to disappear. Very unfortunate as his handlers were never held accountable either.

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No. 2 Kansas outlasts No. 5 Tennessee to stay undefeated

I'm with you on Iowa Football. '85-'89 were great years when I lived in Iowa City. Kansas Football sucked in the 70's. And they still suck. Anyone see yesterday's "finally" effort against Texas??

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Report: KU and Les Miles negotiating contract

Guess I will wait to get on that train. Ii thought Charlie Weis was going to be a good move. Recall how that worked.

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New KU deal with ESPN+ means Jayhawk TV Network will be available nationwide without blackouts

So apparently for the "local" people, they will get the broadcast for free and no black out. For us "foreigners," what we used to get for free, we will now have to fork over $4.99/month to subsidize the locals. How is that a good thing? No I don't think this team is worth $4.99/month. I guess get back to me when they start a winning program. Hopefully this will not be as bad for basketball.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

I love this team. They remind me alot of the 1988 team. Everyone laughed at them until the Final Four. This team has reached unexpected levels. So they can play for fun and relax. Unlike the tense 2008 team who almost lost to Davidson and Memphis, these guys should be loose!! RCJH!!

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Report: Former KU basketball player Billy Preston no longer playing overseas

How difficult would it have been to suck it up and take his lumps and play next year? A free apartment, and food?? Oh but he would have to leave his car home. I am so tired of hearing that they are just kids. I worked thru school. He had opportunities most of us never get. I don't wish him ill. But he picked his apple, a crabapple!!

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

And in many situations the school or Coach can be held responsible for poor control on their program.

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