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Jayhawks land two recruits, lose one

Me too!

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Zack Stoudt chooses Ole Miss

Here's an interesting quote from the Scout web site (see ):

"I just clicked with the Ole Miss staff and really like how balanced their offense is," Stoudt said. "I also think their staff can prepare me for the next level. I liked what they had coming back on their offensive line with all their starters back."

Clearly, KU's OL doesn't compare well against many Div-1 teams right now, much less Ole Miss. Add to that the opportunity to play in the SEC, and this just seems like a no-brainer for Stoudt. Maybe we should be impressed that Kansas was even able to make this a difficult decision for him.

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Zack Stoudt chooses Ole Miss

Very bad news indeed. It's not that Stoudt was a guaranteed winner, but he at least gave us some hope for a different result. I have little confidence that we'll see substantially different results next year with our existing QB's (hope they prove me wrong). Difficult to get amped up about a team that has no proven QB.

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Iowa Western Community College OL Bo Adams commits to Kansas football

Your absolutely right with the Mecham-to-Stoudt comparison. Had some of the same thoughts myself.

Here is why I think folks care about Stoudt. None of our existing QB's seems to have what it takes to be successful in Big-12 play. Webb has the arm but he lacks accuracy, among other things. Mecham has accuracy but lacks the arm, among other things. Pick just never showed much of anything, and appears to be a wide receiver now. Stoudt definitely has both an arm and accuracy, and has a significant amount of experience. His lack of mobility concerns me given our OL problems, but there is no doubt that he is a better thrower than anyone we currently have. If Mecham had Webb's arm we wouldn't be looking for a QB right now.

As for the height thing - you are correct. A QB with the skills and instincts of a Todd Reesing can overcome his lack of height by scrambling and finding the open passing lanes. But we are not likely to see another QB like that at Kansas any time soon. How many times did Webb alone have passes knocked down this year. I realize technique has something to do with that, but it is less likely to happen to a 6'-5" QB than it is to a 5'-10" QB.

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Iowa Western Community College OL Bo Adams commits to Kansas football

An article that just appeared out of Oxford, Mississippi (see has the following quote from Stoudt's coach:

“Prior to the visit, I would say Zack was set on going to Kansas,” Strohmeir said, “but after the visit, I know he is strongly considering Ole Miss. The visit really swayed him."

This is not a good sign. We really needed to sign this kid, but it increasingly looks like he is SEC bound.

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Grading the Jayhawks

Thanks Matt. That was interesting. I think your analysis was very fair and accurate. Enjoy all your articles and appreciate all your hard work.

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Grading the Jayhawks

Allow me to be the first (and perhaps only) person to say "Thank You". I'm certain your comment will be followed up with lots of Gill-Bashing and "go back to Nebraska" machismo, but I found your comments to be insightful. Appreciate the perspective you have. I do think KU fans got spoiled by the success we had, and (wrongly) assumed we were now suddenly a big player on the football scene. And it cannot be said often enough that Reesing was a magician, and routinely worked miracles while running for his life. Sadly, this year exposed our football program for what it truly is, a mediocre work in progress. I still have faith that Gill can create perennial success at Kansas, if he's only given the time, but I sure hope we don't have to suffer through many more years like this one.

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What Miami's firing of Randy Shannon could mean for Kansas

Very good explanation. Your absolutely right. I still think HEM went a little too far, but I understand your point entirely. I really wish this entire topic was never raised, and I regret that I ever participated in the discussion.

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What Miami's firing of Randy Shannon could mean for Kansas

Well said. I'm quite certain you are wasting your time with HEM, but I give you allot of credit for trying. This page is a perfect demonstration of why we can't have an honest dialogue about racism in this country. It instantly goes nuclear.

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What Miami's firing of Randy Shannon could mean for Kansas

Excellent post! It's always nice to see a rational assessment.

Lots of things about Gill's performance this year made me uneasy as well. Does anyone remember the beginning of the season and how we couldn't get a play off on time, or repeatedly had to call time out because we had the wrong players on the field or because someone couldn't get off the field in time, or how players were muffing their blocking assignments on punts, etc.? Those were incredibly embarrassing mistakes that you can only blame on the coaches. I also don't want to hear how much the players love Coach Gill because I too remember the Herm Edwards debacle, and what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. I also agree with the folks that say Gill was learning on the job this year. Clearly he was, and we all payed the price for that - no one more than the players themselves. And, like everyone else, I expected us to be more competitive, yet we routinely got run over. And I also don't think Gill quite grasps yet how offensive it is to Jayhawk fans that we got taken to the wood shed by both KSU and MU.

All of that said, however, I still believe the jury is out on what kind of coach he will ultimately be, and how successful this program will ultimately become. Folks hate to read this, but Gill needs several years before anyone can fairly evaluate him or his staff. None of us really knows what kind of shape Mangino left this team in, or what kind of talent Gill truly had to work with. The discussions about how this coach or that coach should have been our coach are pointless. None of us was involved in that process, and so we really don't know all the reasons Gill was hired, or what Perkins vision really was.

I believe Gill has a long-term plan, and that this entire year was little more than extended training camp. Of course Gill wanted to win games, but more important was his evaluation of various players in various positions under various circumstances. Will Gill succeed? - No one knows. But if that's what it takes to turn this mediocre program into a perennial winner, then I'm prepared to suffer through it and be patient. What other choice do any of us have any way?

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