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Bill Self: OSU team to beat

What a gross picture to have at the top of our sports page...

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

Good luck Ben! Your new team will be one of my new favorites!

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How a fingertip, a late rotation and a great player contributed to Michigan's frantic comeback over KU

The official eating his whistle on Burke's fouls on EJ in during the 10-second violation was even bigger than the no-call on the collision between EJ and McGary on Burke's 30-footer to tie. How was there no foul there? One second he's defending the next he's flat on his face? The refs are human, but they clearly got caught up in the momentum of the moments too. But we needed to do a much better job of dealing with McGary's massive ball screens on the top of the key. The hedge was slow or not even there.

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This KU player should thrive against Michigan's defense, plus a Trey Burke quirk to watch out for

Respectfully, Jesse, I hope Dog is right and you are wrong!

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Bill Self does his version of the Ben McLemore dance; Jack Harry says KU deserves Big 12 title

Yes we are Kansas, and the Big 12 is ours...and K-State's...what a ridiculous way to handle a conference championship. Two teams with the same record should not "share" the championship if one team beats the other team twice. If the two teams split their head-to-head match-ups or there are not home and home series like before with the North/South split, the tie makes sense. This is pathetic for the Big 12 and even more pathetic that K-State celebrated a title shared with a team that beat them twice... This isn't the YMCA, why not just give a championship trophy to everyone in the Big 12? These kids are all champions...

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Bear-ly worth celebrating: KU blown out by Baylor but ties for Big 12 crown

This isn't the YMCA. It's time for the Big 12 to stop awarding trophies and sharing titles with teams that tie for the best record in the league, especially when there is a clear winner in the tie-breaker. If we had split with KSU it would make sense to share it, or if the league didn't have the home and home series like they used to, it made a little sense to share them, and yes, KU has claimed shared titles when we had lost to the team we tied, but it's time to quit this nonsense. Of course if we hadn't laid an egg at TCU none of this would be being mentioned.

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Kansas’ Bill Self had a ball at ISU

Coach gives the guys little face slaps, it's a little old school token of respect and a job well done, that's what is happening in the picture. He does it often, to lots of kids at the end of the game when they are making their way to the bench and the subs are going out for the last minute or two of the game. Elijah is just looking down before it happens. As for Ben's situation, his story is all too common. The horrific poverty so many of these kids come from is truly sad. These kids come from literally nothing, and the television networks, universities, the NCAA, all make so much money from/on them. It's a tragedy, THE tragedy of our society, how many children are hungry every day. I hope Ben gets that big house, fills it with happy kids, and gives his family the life he never had.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

Elijah ran him over, and the kid flopped, and the kid's feet were not set. That block/charge play is ridiculous. That call would normally have gone against Elijah, and it would have been a bad call then too. No one who is ranting about that call cares about the ISU guard pulling Elijah's arm across his body...there are rarely calls made in the paint at the end of games. If a kid flies into the paint, like Elijah did, he will almost never get the benefit of a call even if he gets nearly decapitated. Elijah got bailed out a little, but yes there were a multitude of bad calls, that was just one of the last ones in regulation so it stands out more. The problem is that college basketball has become too rough and too physical and sloppy. The NBA is actually cleaner now, contact-wise.

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OSU: ‘We can’t sulk’

Every time OSU plays KU Ford has to look over at the coach everyone in Stillwater really wanted to be OSU's coach. Can't be a very good feeling.

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Mario Chalmers reflects as KU jersey retirement nears

He's talking about in the crowd. White shirt just to the left of the basket in the picture.

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