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The Day After: A UK embarrassment

Kentucky was better everywhere and in every way, but what is most disheartening is that basketball at all levels has become a guard-oriented game. KU is mediocre at the guard position. Mason has a lot to learn about penetrating and distributing and penetrating to try to get to the basket. He seems like he rarely looks to distribute. He's not adept at setting up team mates like other really good guards are. Graham has the instincts to be much better in that way, but he lacks experience and confidence. Selden is not a ball handler, and looks like he should work to develop an intermediate game like Paul Pearce was so good at. Our guard play will haunt us all season. Ellis, Alexander, and Traylor won't be made to look small again any time soon, but when they do, we need to be able to space the floor to let them work facing the basket. This goes back to better ball handling and shooting on the perimeter to set that up. By the way, with free throws, shooting them well is one reason why Wichita State is so tough to beat at the end of games. They shoot them really well.

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My picks for the 2014 KU football season

Three wins is a stretch. A road win at Duke might be impossible. Central Michigan is always tough. We'll see who Iowa St is today when KSU comes to town. Iowa State at home is KU's only real opportunity for a conference win unless someone comes in to Lawrence and completely lays an egg expecting an easy win. Of course Iowa State thumped KU last year, so I'm not real sure why there is optimism that KU could beat them this year.

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Examining the situation facing KU quarterback Jake Heaps

Heaps started last season very confident and positive looking. But after three games of hitting almost every receiver between the numbers, only to have almost every pass dropped, he understandably lost that spring in his step. By the time the Big 12 season rolled around he was running for his life more than anything else.

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Opinion: It's time to rip red shirt off QB Montell Cozart

What our offense lacks is chemistry and continuity. Our offensive line has shuffled around all season, and they have not played enough together to make each other better and play as a unit. Heaps can really throw the ball and he is a charismatic leader, but he and the receivers are basically six games into their careers at KU together. Heaps hasn't been perfect, and the receivers have dropped too many balls, but a fifth or sixth (I've lost count) starting quarterback in 2 and a half seasons will not make our offense better. I also don't think we have been good enough to have an empty backfield formation with Heaps, and then bring in the Jayhawk formation with a different QB to run the ball either. If we eliminate doubt as to which play, pass or run, is coming the linebackers and safeties don't have that second or so of hesitation that can make all the difference for an offensive play's effectiveness. That idea works better for KSU because they mix up run and pass with each QB and Sams is dynamic running that read option play over and over with the lineman pulling from the other side. That offense is KSU's identity. What is KU's identity? Last week we barely used Sims, this week we were all about Sims. Maybe we could mix some play action featuring a short passing game with running the ball. We seem to be too worried about tendencies and other things that NFL teams gameplan about, but we haven't really developed any strengths to try to build around and from.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Mr Zenger seems like a really nice man, it's hard to believe his short career at KU will be tied to Weis, and it was his own choice.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Our offensive game plan is pathetic. An empty backfield with one QB, then bring in a different QB to run or hand off is stupid. A good offense keeps a defense guessing and off balance. There was no doubt which play we were running by our ridiculous formations and QB swapping. Why couldn't Heap have handed it off? Why didn't we try to establish the running game, our only strength, once we got the lead? Our coaching is embarrassing...

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Kansas linebacker Heeney glum, mum

Heeney is so fun to watch. What a stud. I hope Combs can turn it around. There's a reason why big time talent like him ends up in junior college, and it sounds like he's got some growing up to do still.

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Really enjoying our "decided schematic advantage". Rice had eight and nine guys in the box and we can't seem to complete a pass. Would be great to see our receivers and backs run shorter routes. Our glory days with Reesing and the gang was a lot of short crossings, etc with big yards after the catch. The kind of plays that either get five to eight yards, or if a tackle is broken can net 20 or more. Our play calling is hugely disappointing, and time after time during our games over the last couple of years I have said to myself as I watched the other teams, why doesn't KU run plays like that? The defense played their hearts out, and has come a long ways. But college football is all about offensive effectiveness and efficiency. Look at Bama vs A&M 2.0, Bama played much better on offense this year versus last year and finally outscored Johnny Football. KU needs some of that.

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Cliff’s Notes: Charlie Weis press conference, 8/23/13

Could be an interesting year. Like last season, we will be much better than the year before, but our record may not really show it. Shows how bad we were two years ago. The Rice game will be very telling about where we are. That's not to say that we couldn't lose down there and end up coming together and being pretty tough by the end of the season. But if we go down there and lose ugly...well it could be a long season.

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Looking back: 10 years ago this week, Bill Self was hired at KU

I watched Coach Self coach the pants off of Roy Williams in two NCAA games and wished before Roy ever left that Coach Self was our coach. He was destined for superstar-dom and it's so wonderful that he loves KU as much as he does. He could go anywhere he wants to. He's a future hall of famer, and every year he brings a level of excellence to our teams that is un-matched across the country. Nine consecutive conference titles says it all. Throw in 2008 and the way he runs the program with integrity, and he's been the best thing that could have happened for KU. I wouldn't trade him for anyone.

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