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Marcus Morris lauds KU

No apology needed thanks for playin at kansas wish you the best

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California prep visits Kansas

How can someone with no Common Sense jaybate be such a jack*** like you oh because you have no Common Sense. Man I am not perfect in spelling and my punctuation is out the window, but I have a voice and I hit the wrong keys but still I have something to say like everybody else and I dont like being belittled by people like you. We all serve a purpose in life.

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California prep visits Kansas

Talk Talk Talk man you are windy, why dont you take ove the program. I guess you are a judge of great basketball talent or you just need the attention.

--unranked - SO and you belive the gospil of the almighty ESPN, RIVALS oh and dont forget SCOUTS.

---no floor game - Can teach that.

--weak defensively - Seen lots of kids improve greatly in this area at kansas

--streaky, spot shooter. - Did not mention up to 22ft. So he has proved he can hit them just needs work

-- 6 ' 7" and 200 in story, but listed 6 ' 5" and 180 on (THE GREAT AND MIGHTY ESPN) -- Why didn't you also say QUOTE " “Lindsay has grown a few inches in the last year and it appears he may not be done as he is a young looking prospect,” wrote. Lindsay said that he has grown from 6-5 to 6-7." JAYBATE STIRING THE POT. doesn't even have basic data on him - WOW !THE GREAT AND MIGHTY SCOUTS.COM came up with blanks on this kid how could that happen.

Last Traylor will be at KANSAS. Why did you mention UCONN because the last big recruit picked them over KANSAS.

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California prep visits Kansas

Had to add HEART he is hungery and wants to prove himself. I belive we will be fine with or without him but give the kid a chance.

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California prep visits Kansas

Some of you people follow ESPN and SCOUTS and RIVALS to much example NORTH CAROLINA last 2 years how many 5 star recuits and where did that get them. My vote is give the kid a chance could be a diamond in the rough if not "KANSAS STILL MARCHES ON". ROCK CHALK PROUD TO BE A JAYHAWK IN KENTUCKY!!!!!!

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California prep visits Kansas

Like North Carolinas 5 STAR BLOCKBUSTERS THE LAST 2 YEARS. I want a kid with heart, hungery and a chance to prove himself at some place big, somtimes you take a chance and it pays off. HCBS and company can teach ball handling, Quote " The left-hander has a smooth stroke out to 22 feet" so he can shoot knows what to do, just help with the streaky shooting. Can never TEACH SIZE ( GODS GIFT). IF he can use it and I think so if he is avg 10.2 boards. DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH AND 4 YEARS.

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California prep visits Kansas

MERV = Not a 1 and done good shot (will judge if he is on board), height (can't teach that), ball handling (can teach that), and the one big thing from the replacments HEART (can't teach and will wait and see)

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Royce Woolridge to transfer from KU


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Royce Woolridge to transfer from KU

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