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Late Night offers first look at KU stars

Always comforting to come back on this webpage in the fall and see good old faithful Jaybate! Some things never change.....and in his case I'm thankful for it!! 3 year old will soon be a 4 year old.......She keeps asking when the Jayhawks will play again. She still can't quite figure out where they went in March.

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Opinion: Among talented newcomers, Joel Embiid is KU's X factor

Hello Jaybate!.......Also........notice that there are no more good war movies like when were growing up. Hollywood doesn't seem interested.

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Opinion: Among talented newcomers, Joel Embiid is KU's X factor

I'm just a tad bit excited for this season. Anyone else?

PS-The joys of combining parenthood and Jayhawks. .......Tonight......My 3 year old little angel has invited me to the outside patio for dinner with Winnie-the -Pooh, Eyeore,her stuffed baby Jayhawk and "big" Jayhawk. ......Should be a lively conversation with such distinguished guests!

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Bill Self: Security tricky subject

I can't wait for KU basketball to start.......Until then there is nothing for me. The Royals have imploded as usual.......and The Chiefs? Probably 8-8 at best. good thing about the Royals is "Slugger". He gave my little 3 year daughter a hug last night at the game......and she was so happy......jumping up and down and squealing. Kids crack me up.

But her favorite mascot is BabyJay.....then regular Jayhawk......then Slugger. She saw Warpaint once on TV. And she has learned to despise Tigers.

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Bill Self basks in glow

Well.......Wiggins signing finally brought me out of my "funk". I don't know about you guys......but there is still a part of me that is staring dumbfounded at my TV screen after watching Michigan beat KU.

Oh well. Time to move on (I guess)

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Bill Self basks in glow

My 3 year old almost cried when I told her Ben Mc was not playing for KU anymore.Try explaining that to a little 3 year old!! She doesn't understand why. I think she will have a new favorite.(after Baby Jayhawk, of course!)

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Bill Self basks in glow

Jaybate.....I have been waiting for your analysis.....worth the wait. You probably have made other posts but I have not checked in a while. Well done, sir!

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Bill Self basks in glow

Ok. I admit I'm a glass half-empty kind of guy. Normally.....I would be saying "Great.....but lets see what the kid can really do"......or......"sure he has potential but".......

No. Not this time. This was a master stroke.....and there is absolutely no doubt that this kid is going to be amazing.

So.....If you have a 'Doubting Thomas' like me.......You have everyone. far.......the team to beat next year.

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Ughhhhhhhhh!! All these comments about Rio Adams? Really? Yikes.

Stay......go........I don't really care.

KU should be playing in a few hours in the Final Four.......that's what we should be talking about. I still can't believe they lost that game. Makes me sick. Oh well......would have.....should have......could have.

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