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Cavaliers cut former KU guard Josh Selby

Selby and Henry were both so clearly not ready for the NBA. They were rarely,, if ever, even the best player on the court in college. Julian Wright is another example of should've stayed...although he was more ready than the previously mentioned guys. Nobody on here will agree with this next statement but oh well.....McLemore isn't ready either. Here's why I say this. He is a ghost away from the field house. His confidence just seems to disappear. He can certainly go to the NBA and will probably even have success, but to be really bangin right out of the gates, another year of honing skills under Self would really help his transition. To be honest, the fact that he is considered the #1 shows how weak the draft class is. McLemore is amazing and has had some big games, but he has not been a dominant player. Even in those 30+ pt games he is kind of a silent killer, not a stone cold killer like other #1s. He is not anywhere near the level of D Rose, Durant, LeBron, etc when they went pro. The opposite argument could be considered when you think of Kyrie Irvin

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

With 3 minutes left Tarp and Johnson were a combined 2-20 from the field. Never going to win a game shooting 10%. I' not sure how Self can coach Tharpe to make 2 foot layups?? Anyway, its not all doom and gloom. We needed slap in the face!

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Kansas is new No. 1 in USA Today coaches poll, No. 2 in AP

.....and now we lose. Bulls eye!

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Can KU break its two-point jump-shooting slump against Kansas State?

Anywhere online to watch this game? I cant get ESPN3 and don't have the small 12 network ):

Go Jayhawks!

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Swagger State: No. 11 Wildcats enter Showdown on a roll

Please if someone has a link for tonights game hook it up. Not on my Direct tv and can't get ESPN3 here in South Cacalac! Go Jayhawks!

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Dreamin’ until tonight’s tipoff

Everyone's got a plan until you punch em in the face----Mike Tyson

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Uplifting experience: Robinson heroic vs. ’Cats

That was inspiring basketball and a joy to watch. T-Rob is a physical freak and he was well spoken and throughtful during the post game interview. With football being on break, yesterday felt like the first true college basketball Saturday with the sports media really focusing on colleg hoops. Good to see KU at the center of it all!

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Tyrel Reed emerges as ‘face’ of KU basketball team

wow..Ron Franklin just got canned from ESPN. Guess they will have to put someone else on our games. I really liked his coverage but sounds like he's a bit of an a so good riddance!

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‘This is terrible’

It was a fun year. Thanks to the boys moving on for all the blood sweat and tears......KU seems to always find a way to break me heart in MARCH. Next year I guess

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Tiger beatdown

Its funny...Everyone posted on this board that Cuse would lose and KU would win when those Cuse fans came a trollin and look what happened. Saturday was an amazing college hoops day no matter who you root for. Plenty of great games and great play.

Also, the KU fans must have really rocked it out last night. I am never the first person on one of these boards. Go hawks!

KUsports...please post the big 12 tourny sched as soon as it pops

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